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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I realized something this morning. My walking partner and I were talking about penny candy. I realized something. I am a bit younger than her and I think "penny candy" was a nickle when I was a kid. Remember how we got the candy? Mom I am with Nancy, can we have a nickle to stop by the store on the way to the park? Sometimes we had to earn the nickle. So we would do whatever chore and get our nickle. Somebody had a ball. We walked to the store bouncing the ball. Some how the ball would get away we would chase it or play catch with it or something while we went towards the neighborhood store. Then we would go there and take our time choosing just the right candy. 3 for 5 cents so sometimes each person got to pick one. We would pay and leave. Out of the store we divide the candy, usually with my friends we each got one maybe if we were really lucky two pieces. We would walk to the park and eat our candy or gum. Then we would play for a while at the park. When it was time to go home sometimes we had to run because it got late. I am sure that I spent more calories getting the candy than I ever got from the candy.

Now kids get in the car. They ride to the store. Walk with their parents and beg for a king size candy bar. Even if they get a regular size it is bigger than the penny candy. When the shopping is done they drive back home and eat it while playing/watching videos.

What a change. Could this be part of the problem?
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    I love this blog and it is so true. I beliebe it is a huge part of the problem with today. I try to not even give my kids candy for rewards or anything because even at their young age they want more and more of it. If they do get candy they have to do X amount of play/activity before I will let them indulge. I think today's parents need to take a more active role in making sure that their kids are active.
    3742 days ago
    you forgot to mention that now their parents weigh twice as much as our parents! Can I super-size that? emoticon
    3742 days ago
    Thank you for the memories! It's sad that we are so much more protective these days. Not sure if it's justified sometimes but that's where we live today.
    3742 days ago
    I love the title of your page. If I took as long walking as I do talking on the phone or sitting at the computer, I would be wore out and hopefully skinny.
    I remember riding my bicycle the 1 mile ride to our small grocery store getting small grocery items for my Mom. Sometimes we would get a treat from the candy aisle, but not every time.
    That store is still there but so many have neighborhood stores have closed. It is sad that most of the times the yards are void of children playing. Mom would generally have to call us in because we were too busy having fun and were never ready to call it quits.

    3742 days ago
  • NANCY-
    You bet it is part of the problem.
    It is really sad that we have gone from treasuring simple pleasures to supersizing and consuming massive quantities.
    3742 days ago
    What great memories you've brought up for me and how blessed we were to be able to walk to the store and feel safe. I feel so badly for these children today who are often afraid to be outside. We all need a little more of Mayberry back in our lives.
    3742 days ago
    We stayed outside all summer long. We came in to eat lunch and then back out. in for dinner and then out for the rest of the evening until our mom was screaming at us when it was dark out! Now kids don't even go outside at all. They don't ride their bikes anywhere. Maybe it started when parents were too afraid to let their kids walk to school or play outside with out supervision and they didn't want to go out. But you are right, kids don't do anything the way it used to be!! Great thoughts!!!
    3742 days ago
    Sounds like it's part of it to me. I try to set a good example and ride or walk to do errands close to home like mail or getting a video. Thanks for the trip down memory lane back to my beloved penny candy store. emoticon
    3742 days ago
    Girl, you and I would be showing our age here...we used to walk (or roller skate) around the corner to the drug store where we would buy that "penny" candy (or 5 or 10 cent candy) or we would buy a popsicle. Yes, they let us buy ONE out of the box, not the whole box.

    The world is a different place now, and while some is good, some is not so good. We had a lot more freedom of movement so to speak-Mom wasn't arranging playdates-she told us to go outside and play. And there would be other kids out there playing too. We had to "be home when the street lights came on."
    3742 days ago
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