Sh** rolls downhill sometimes...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Okay, where to start:

Got a call this week that my 98-year old grandmother might or might not be on death's door. Could be an hour, could be a month, but it doesn't look good. I've got a flight to Ohio (one that I could afford) scheduled for a week from Saturday. I'm hoping it's for a goodbye and not for a funeral.

My hubby's grandmother had a fall at her assisted living facility and when they got her to the hospital, found that she has pneumonia.

Windshield is cracked half way across and I've got to get it replaced.

Passenger side door is dented badly and hasn't been fixed for about a year.

I need four new tires.

Fridge start relay went out tonight so all of our freezer items are crammed outside and fridge stuff is in the cooler while we wait for a part to arrive on Friday.

My best friend just found out she has gestational diabetes.

Both of my kids have colds.

You'd think I had several reasons to be depressed, feel sorry for myself, and eat emotionally.


Today I weighed in - lost 1.6 pounds this week. I also lost another 1/2 inch in my waist and my calves finally gave 1/2 an inch. That alone is reason to celebrate.

A blog I posted on FB about a student of mine has made it into the scrapbook work is creating for our retiring executive director. They took my picture today so they could put my face with my words and the picture looked AWESOME!

The car can wait. The crack isn't getting any longer, the door still closes, and I've got at least 5000 miles on my tires now.

We have enough coolers for the fridge items and bought ice to keep everything cold for at least the next couple of days. I also have the outside freezer which means almost nothing had to be tossed by the time I got home to take care of the great thaw!

Ohio Grandma came out of the hospital and back into her assisted living facility. My cousin says she's alert and doing great. Even joked with her about waiting until I got there if she was planning on dying (grandma jokes around about it a lot lately, so it's not mean unless you take it out of context). My flight was only $260 - round trip with only one stop!!! Can you believe that???

Kevin's grandmother is going to be fine too, and even though it's pretty tragic, she has alzheimer's so she won't remember what happened to her this week once she's out of the hospital.

Neither of my kids have fevers and the holistic remedies we're giving them are working like a charm.

I went online and did some research on the fridge. Followed directions from a repair website on how to take out all the parts to check them and found that it's the easiest and probably least expensive part to replace. I paid $28 for shipping the part FedEx overnight, and it still cost me less than $90. I'll be able to replace it myself when the part arrives on Friday. That's a garbage disposal and a fridge repair I've done ALL BY MYSELF in the last couple of months! Amazing what you can do for yourself if you do a little research and act a little fearless!

My life is good. We were joking with the kids at dinner about my life. I told them you could easily tell that my life is wonderful by the three people surrounding me at the table: Kevin, Annie and Shane.

Bring on the funk, the disasters, and the irritations. I'm too happy to be mad for long.
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