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If you've ever thought about competing in a fitness comp, you might want to read this blog!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

so when I began this journey at 210lbs, I never in a million years thought I would be competing in a figure competition 15months later. It WAS NOT my goal. My initial goal was to be hotter than my hubby (yes, seriously!) and wear single digit clothing.

However, because I have competed in over 13 comps since July 2009, I have learned alot about MYSELF and others. I am also fascinated each time I prep and the amazing changes my body goes through (especially the last 2 weeks) I am amazed at the dedication, focus and commitment I can give to myself. Yes, that is what it takes to compete. It is not for someone that DOESN'T have the belief in themselves. So if I had to do it all over again, would I make the same decision? OH YES! You know why? It is my competing that has led me to another path in my journey I had NO IDEA would transpire merely because I finally started helping myself and putting me first. I inspire other women that didn't have the belief they could attempt the weightloss for themselves.

I got concerned about a month ago while talking to my trainer about the effects competing / dieting was having on my body. The one thing she reminded was , Susie, You lost weight the safe way. You didn't drop it overnight, you lost the initial weight at roughly 2lbs per week. As for competing, my body doesn't know the difference because I have basically been on a diet since 2008. I didn't totally binge (eat horribly) like other competitors do after a comp...I learned my lesson quickly on that.

The hard fast truth about competing is the subjectional judging criteria that is delivered. There is NO SET criteria. I can show up at one comp and place DEAD LAST (oh yes, that has happened to me:) and show up the next week at another and place 2nd in my class. If you decide to compete, my best advice is to always COMPARE your own pictures to how you looked PREVIOUSLY....THAT IS TRULY the difference maker for me and other girls that compete. If I worried so much about my placing all the time, I would've quit A LONG TIME AGO! Yes, I have finally won an overall at a local show...but at the NATIONAL LEVEL, I am still at the bottom of the totem pole. Why? Because I don't necessarily have the LOOK the judges want.... AND GUESS WHAT? ITS OK! I know they want a size little girls 10 physique...I will never have that...But guess what I do have, I have the knowledge, confidence, and poise that I didn't have before I ever stepped on that stage. And I love my look! Competing has dropped 10 years off of me, seriously! I can style my hair and apply makeup like a model now! I'm almost 41 and I finally just learned this! lol

It's all a learning experience for me and if you let competing mess with your head, you'll always be disappointed. I read the other day on someone's fB page that the "girl" that won must've trained with that promoter. Well, guess what, I was that girl and I showed up OUT OF NOWHERE to compete at that show. They didn't even know I was coming and I registered the DAY OF SHOW! So don't think it's all POLITICS like everyone is so quick to assume because they didn't place where they wanted. Keep showing up, keep getting feedback from the judges and keep getting in front of the judges. They will remember you and if you improve from the last, you'll see improvements in your placings.....

Competing can be what YOU make it. It takes LIFE BALANCE, Commitment, Dedication, and Focus. It can be very REWARDING or BRING YOU DOWN TO YOUR KNEES....It's like anything else in life, its all in YOUR attitude and how you view it.

Competing is not for the weak...that is for sure. You better have some thick skin...especially if you compete in the NPC organization. Yes, it is a non-tested event, but I can assure you, there are several of us out there that are NATURAL athletes. Don't assume because someone has some muscle tone and definition that they must be "taking something"

I highly encourage anyone that is thinking about competing, try it at least once. But go in with the attitude YOU ALREADY WON the minute you step on stage. Because guess what, you DID! You're on stage instead of sitting in the audience wishing you had what it took to get there!

Rock it out no matter what your goals are and have a great week!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Love this blog Suzie! You explained exactly like it is! I have been comparing my pics against my previous shows and i can tell that its getting better and better. I'm improving me and learning so much in the process. I love competing!
    3347 days ago
    what a fantastic blog to read right now. I am competing in my first competition in August, I have always wanted to do one and just could never completely dedicate myself to doing what it takes. It's like you said, definitely not for the weak minded. But it's fun to see just how far you can take your body,mind and spirit. Thanks for all your confidence and wisdom. I don't care if I place at all in my competition, I just wanted to be able to say that " I did it ".
    3495 days ago
    I just have one question - HOW did you do this? The change you made in such a short amount of time is truly amazing! Did you have a nutritionist and/or trainer advising you? I'm not concerned so much about my weight now (though I still like to lose at least 10 pounds of fat) as I am about building muscle.

    I've been walking a lot (like 9 to 10 miles 5 or 6 days a week) for over two years while watching my food intake carefully. But my weight has been more or less on a plateau for at least 6 months. I fear I've lost muscle in this process and need to get it back. Can you give me an idea where to start?? HELP!
    3549 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/5/2011 9:26:42 PM
    Wow what an inspiration!!! I am thinking about doing my first figure comp. but am feeling very overwhelmed! I am lean and pretty fit already, but as for competing I still have a LONG way to go. I am 37 and have had 3 kids, and I plan on remaining totally natural. Yes, not even getting implants although my girls are tiny after nursing 3 kids. But, it is what it is. I like what you said about just getting on stage and not worrying so much about placing. It's the fact that you are actually on the stage that matters! It's all about the journey, right? That being said, I am really nervous about the diet. I know I have to cut a lot to lose body fat (I usually hover around 18% naturally) and I think it may be hard to get that down. I think that will be the hardest part for me, even harder than the workouts my trainer is giving me! :-)
    3573 days ago
  • -TARAC-
    Great blog! I really want to do a comp.
    3574 days ago
  • MRSNJ20
    You have done an excellent job! I keep looking at your pics because I want to motivate myself to stay on track and eat healthy. You are inspiring! emoticon
    3575 days ago
    Have been reading your blog for a while and I get so much motivation EVERY time I visit. THANK YOU for journaling your story. I have lost over 60 lbs and my goal at first was to be "hotter than my hubby" as you put it . I was starting to look like his older sister rather than wife. He does have a baby face though. Now at 49 yrs old, we look more like a couple, but I have to get to 80 pounds down. No interest in competing, but I do want to be lean. You inspire me. THANKS
    3590 days ago
    I loved this blog! Very interesting read. I bought weights when I was 16 (I'm 33 now) and I always loved to be strong and show off. I dreamed of doing competitions...but really it was just about knowing I could win in anything physical that I did. At least now if I ever do decide to take it to that level, I'll know what to expect! Thank you! You inspire me!
    3601 days ago
    G O D!!! I want to do one! I have NO idea where to start.

    I eat clean but there is so much science behind getting "lean". Macros, BMI, LBM, and so many % that my head spins around like the excorcist after reading on There is SO much information and you don't know which school of thought to give your time too. Its overwhelming. I just want someone to say "EAT THIS" and "LIFT THAT".

    I love your story and you are still my inspiration!

    3605 days ago
    U Amaze me, I stumbled across ur page..... and WOW.... Keep up the inspiration... cause WE need ppl like you!

    3628 days ago
    Reading this really moved me. I have wanted to and talked about competing in figure for so long. It's something I really want- like a bucket list type thing. I need to get the FAT OFF!!!! I need to figure out my food issues. I was a little heavier than your start weight and I can't tell you how much I aspire to be like you. I would take it as a victory if I could step on stage as a competitor :) I have read all your blogs 4 times over at different points in my journey always trying to find hope, motivation, inspiration etc. Thank you for all that you do and all that you are
    3628 days ago
    hey girl, Its actually the posts on SC that I've been reading....I maintain a 10-12lb off season weight. My body just wants to stick at a certain weight no matter what. As LONG AS i DON't go off and eat like CRAP for a couple of weeks...i can maintain that. Its just like a non eat like crap for a couple of weeks, it is going to add up. I've also noticed the ones that really balloon up are usually on some sort of "medication" when hitting the stage and it has the reverse effects on them as soon as they come off that SAID MEDICATION. That is the difference between the good competition trainers and the shady ones. The good comp trainers know how to get you competition ready without having to take any prescription or illegal meds. Yes, I put it out there for the world to read. It is what it is! I'm not afraid to talk about it either. I know I show up looking my best with what god has given me. Thats all I can do...I want to be around for my children when they have children!
    3628 days ago
    Oh my goodness! You are amazing!!! Look at you!!! What an inspiration for me!!!! You can do anything with your great attitude! emoticon
    3629 days ago
    that's astounding; as a 40 year old woman that is way, way, WAY back on the road to wellness behind you, I find you inspirational. Thank you for posting.
    3629 days ago
    Susie, it sounds like your head's in the right place about competing. I spend a lot of time at siouxcountry and other figure/fitness-related blogs and one of the big topics is competition rebound and the metabolic damage that competition dieting, especially repeated competitions, can have on the body. Check out Scott Abel's blog for some very interesting discussion about that. His theory is that some women have better genetics than others for dealing with the effects of prolonged and repeated calorie deficits. The proof in the pudding for you will be your offseason. If you can easily maintain within 5-10 lbs then your genetics are probably pretty good. Some women balloon 30, 40, even 50 pounds after a competition and that's a sign of bad metabolic recovery genetics.

    I've loved seeing your journey. It's such an inspiration to me as an older overweight woman who loves all things bodybuilding, fitness and figure. I wish you nothing but the best in your business, competition and family life and look forward to hearing more. Thanks for being here. emoticon emoticon
    3629 days ago
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