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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

There are foods that I am healthier if I leave uneaten. I know this and I have known this for a very long time. I however continue to feel sorry for myself that "EVERYBODY" else can eat unlimited quantities of these foods. My underweight son lost 4 pounds last week while I "only" maintained my weight. He eats lots of things I don't in large amounts.

Yesterday my husband bought some doughnuts. I was feeling sorry for myself. I ate a couple. I microwaved them and they were very yummy. I paid attention to myself eating them.

I realized after eating them there was not a sense satisfaction. I feel fuller and more satisfied when I eat healthier.

I guess It does not feel good to eat junk, but I still do it.
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  • PATTYS74
    Today realization was an awesome one...keep growing in your journey
    3468 days ago
  • MACMOM57
    Good for you for seeing that. But I know it doesnt make it any easier to stop eating it. Try going a day at a time and soon you will have it down.
    3469 days ago
    I do too sometimes.. we are only humane.....
    3469 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6232784
    Great realization....what I've learned from this journey is not to compare myself to others. I've set goals that I know I can achieve, I achieve them, and reward myself! I know what I put into my healthy plan, so I know what to expect at weigh in. Some weeks are better than others, but I accept that!

    The Biggest Loser last night was telling in that Rulon took ownership for his small weight loss by admitting he didn't push himself the way he should have and that he snacked more than he should have. In order to move forward you need to own up to how you are working your plan and not compare yourself to anyone else. I try not to avoid or have a "CAN'T HAVE" list, because then you feel as if you are depriving yourself of something....being healthy should not include depriving yourself. Eat in moderation and adjust when you need to.

    emoticon ....try not to be so hard on yourself. And give yourself positive feedback even when you slip a little.

    3470 days ago
  • NANCY-
    I loved this blog of your's. Your insight is helping you make progress in your journey.

    I loved how you put the caps in
    "EVERYBODY" else can eat unlimited quantities.
    That helped me realize Not everyone can eat like that. (otherwise there would not be so many of us here at SP.)

    It is amazing what eating mindfully can help us discover about the food we are consuming and ourselves. I have cut out a number of foods using this method, it is just not worth it to eat them.

    I loved Freelady's comment about rating the food.

    Great Blog!!!
    3470 days ago
    Don't compare yourself to anyone, especially not a young male (your son). You know the science-men have more muscle mass (even the skinny ones!) and burn calories at a faster rate. I have a thin son who is nothing but muscle. He went away to college and instead of gaining the dreaded Freshman 15 (pounds) he lost 15 pounds.

    You really can eat anything you want, you just can't eat as much of it as you'd like...it's all about the balance.
    3470 days ago
    Good realization. I have been eating things that are not making me feel good lately too. (For me, peanut butter is a big one.)

    I have been rather discouraged lately. Maybe I'm ready to start again???
    3470 days ago
    Sounds like you are starting to think about how you feel about the food and not just the "desirability" of the food. I could really relate as someone brought fresh, still warm, donuts to work and I ate one. I enjoyed the taste but the greasy taste it left didn't leave me satisfied. I can pass on them more easily next time although I'll probably eat donuts again. Maybe just not as often.
    3470 days ago
    to me i see growth in you... first you know you can't eat like other people ,second you ate two donuts not a dozen , third you heated them up and eat them slow. fourth you realized they did not satify you like other foods could...fifth you are admitting yo ate them
    please don't be so hard on yourself..ok it is hard to see your family eating things you have enjoyed in the past around you. it is hard to admit we are not the same and we can not get away with eating like that anymore. it is hard to not to touch thins things to. you are a strong good women i respect you and i see the strength in you... tommorow is a nother day.... just me ginger
    3470 days ago
    You have great self-awareness; that is a big step toward success. Give yourself CREDIT for eating mindfully!

    One technique that has helped me is to RATE these most tempting foods. I have a little card with my hardest-to-resist unhealthy indulgences. Name the item and give a number to how good you EXPECTED it to be (on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 is sumptiously fantastic). Then give a rating to how good/satisfying is ACTUALLY was. The objective reality of this chart helped me see that most of my agony foods seldom lived up to my expectations. That made it more possible to choose other things.

    The rating system also helped me see a few treats that are WORTH IT consistently. I know the calories in those and can rationally plan. I have found that information is power . . . or at least opportunity!

    Don't be discouraged. We all have these moments. It is tough, but you are getting stronger. You will figure this out!
    3470 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5959732
    I wish we could figure out why we continue to eat the junk knowing what it does to us and how it makes us feel. It's great that you were aware as you were eating the doughnuts though. Maybe that is a great step in knowing they are not worth it and not reaching for them so quickly next time.
    3471 days ago
    Done the doughnut thing here too and then hate myself afterwards, swearing never to do it again only to repeat the next time someone shows up with something that I think I deserve too. I have the hubby on a "no junk buying binge" for now and it has made a huge difference. Good to read your blog, I've missed you.
    3471 days ago
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