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Friday, April 01, 2011

As I have said before I am a Stay at home Mom with lots of kids. Like many mothers with a limited income I have at times put my clothing needs last. If I am honest part of it might be out of desire to take good care of the kids. But lets face it buy clothes for cute kids is WAY more fun than trying to figure out what will look good when you are feeling fat. For me most days when I am shopping turn into fat days. emoticon The clothes rarely fit how I think they will.

But, alas I AM becoming smaller. I am trying to stop wearing the baggy shirts and the stretchy pants that may be big enough for a small child to climb in with me. The clothing sizes are unpredictable and causing me stress.

I went to Walmart yesterday and saw some long racks of mark down clothes. The most expensive were $7. I found a few cute things. But as these were the left overs the selection was terrible. I left all the clothes that were the size I just grew out of at the store. That was hard to do. But, I don't need more clothes that are too bit.

I did find a shirt that fits and is cute enough. The pants won't work. I will decide tomorrow if I want to take them back or use them for motivation. They are close.

I guess I have to admit that even if the journey is slow I am on the journey. I am becoming healthier and smaller. One small choice for ME.

This last little bit I am learning that the number on the tag (like the number on the scale) is not that important.

I am also learning to accept the compliments from people. That is a whole struggle unto itself.

My friend and my son both told me I need a new Facebook picture.
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  • BLUESKY_321
    It took me YEARS to learn this:

    You deserve clothes that make you feel good about yourself. It's not an unjustified expense. It's not a splurge. Do NOT wait until you are size (x) to think you deserve clothes.

    I used to buy only what was on super-sale, take every hand-me-down offered, hang on to things I just didn't like and I felt it. I never felt pretty, or confident, or proud.

    Now I only buy clothing that I love. I take my time and try on items of the next size up and the next size down just to be sure it's the best possible fit. I bring them home and think about them for a day or two before taking tags off. And guess what? I DON'T SPEND ANY MORE MONEY THAN I USED TO! One top that you love will get as much use as 5 that you don't. With a couple of nice pairs of pants and a few flattering skirts or dresses in your closet you don't need to run out when an event comes up. A few outfits that you love and fit you well will seem like more clothes than an entire closet of so-so things.

    Please YOU DESERVE IT!

    3464 days ago
    Keep the outfit!! I bet, oneday very soon, you look at those pants and think "nah", then you will try them on anyways, maybe because you are tired of wearing everything else in the closet (you probably aren't like me and have the reason be that EVERYTHING else is dirty because you let the laundry get away from you-lol). When you put them on, at first you will be perplexed, but then you will zip up the pants and they will fit perfectly. And then you will know that all your hard work has paid off and then some, and then you'll have a pair of pants that fit and were really inexpesive :). You are such an inspiration, oh, and go change that FB pic-lol!!
    3465 days ago
    The hardest thing is buying clothes that fit, right? We are so used to hiding our bodies that it doesn't occur to us to show them off. But they look great, right? You are doing great.
    3465 days ago
  • PATTYS74
    Everybody said it all and dont worry about the numbr on the tag every store is different...buy, by comfort and have fun shopping...
    3466 days ago
  • NANCY-
    I found that cotton tops with a bit of spandex keeps it's shape and contracts with me as I loss weight. It may cost a bit more but it is less frustrating and saves time and money in the end because it still fits as your body changes.
    I hear you about buying clothing. Purchasing for me is not as much fun as buying for the kids or hubby even. I truly understand about shopping clearance racks. Great savings can be found, but if it doesn't really work on your body, you won't wear it. It might be more cost effect to spend a little bit more and get what works for you. Besides YOU DESERVE IT and are WORTH IT!!!!.

    I started watching "What Not to Wear" to get tips. Not to become a fashionista, but to figure out what works on my body. (Kind of like using SP to help me get to my goal.) I have a great eye for others but need to develop that for myself. You will find what works for you.

    3467 days ago
    I also like Kohls. Everything goes on sale and it is usually a pretty good price. It is well made also.

    Keep the pants. You are still moving down and it will work.
    3467 days ago
    Use those pants as a motivator and a goal. If they are close, you will be in them probably by the end of next week or sooner. You're doing GREAT, so give yourself that reward, and feel the reward when you do put them on and they fit perfectly, then they'll be too big. But if you do take them back, exchange them for yet a size smaller and work towards them. What's the use of buying clothes that fit good now, or are too big. You're on a journey to where you don't want to be able to wear your old clothes nor get to where they're NOT too big anymore.
    I agree with PROT358 about the Facebook picture. Accept it as a compliment. Even if you don't see the change, others around you do. And if they are seeing you every day, imagine what people that don't see you everyday will notice once they do see you.
    You also deserve to treat yourself or reward yourself for doing so well. I know they're expensive, but a nice pedicure/manicure, massage, or even a trip to the hair salon. You need something for YOU! Believe me, YOU are worth it!
    3467 days ago
    do you all have a catos close to you.. it is awesome they have the cuties cloths, for low prices and they go up in all sizes from 6 up . i bought a ton of close for my mom there and they 22 and 24 even the best thing is the cloths are so cute. no matter the size..
    the sale racks oh my word when i get my weight off that is where the cloths i have from there i plan on taking in i am so glad i sew. they are that cute.. i am going to..
    as far as buying cloths i understand how you feel so much and maybe this is nuts or maybe it is just me but i am embarrest to go bear my testamony cause i don't want anyone to see me and i just don't want to be noticed either. i even hate to live the house even. i am hoping when i get smaler in size my self confidence comes back..
    i have heard so many people say oh you are just a house wife.. like it is not important..like you are married to a house even..but you know what we are doing is building a generation of people that may be here to see the Lord Jesus
    christ come back what we do is very important and you my friend are very important and you are very important to me..
    be kind to yourself.ok we are doing better and we are trying to change our lives and live better I know you are...go and just enjoy yourself....just me ging
    3467 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4363972
    A friend of mine swears by Macy's. She just got slacks on sale there for $10.
    3467 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5959732
    Buying clothes for ourselves is hard when it's easier to buy for the kids, but a great outfit really boosts that self esteem. When I dress in something fitting and that makes me feel good, I tend to take better care of myself and the compliments are a big bonus! I agree about Kohl's and Penneys. I have gotten some great bargains there and there clothes really last.
    3467 days ago
  • TUNIE-
    Something I learned from my mother-in-law, who always wears clothes that complement her figure: Go to the expensive stores, and look through their sale racks. Don't buy anything unless it *really* suits you. Quality lasts, and 1 well-fitting top is worth 10 that don't fit. Wearing those clothes makes you feel good, too, because you know it shows you off to your best advantage. Luckily she likes to go shopping, so she usually picks out the ones that really work for me. I'm more hit or miss by myself.
    3467 days ago
    What facebook picture?
    I know your pain when it comes to clothes for the kids and clothes for the mom. I tend to buy for them and not me for the same reasons you mentioned. Last fall, when I lost 20 pounds for the first time, and that isn't the same 20 pounds I've lost this time, I stopped at Walmart first. I didn't like the garish colors that were left on the rack, so I gave up and went to Kohls, Penny's and Sears for things for my girls. Shock. They had nicer things than Walmart (not really a surprise) more modest and basically the same price not to mention better quality (especially Penny's).
    3468 days ago
  • PROT358
    The new Facebook picture is actually a really big compliment. It means you have lost so much weight that you no longer resemble your old self! Get yourself some new clothes, a new profile pic, and embrace the newer and smaller you!! :) You have definitely earned it.
    3468 days ago
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