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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This is a miracle from God...
My brother had a friend since he was 10. They lost tract of each other for several years but found each other just as Mike's memory started to go. I had called Fred to let him know that Mike had passed and had been talking to them about the situation with the conservatorship, the funeral and my brother's wife who didn't even come to the funeral but has started proceedings to get his savings. Fred, Janet and Star came to the funeral and I got to meet Fred's wife, Janet and son Star.
My sister who had the court experience has gone home to Michigan and I am left alone to deal with the final proceedings and court appearances to end the conservatorship. I have been very upset because of losing my brother and all the responsibility. I still have to dispose of all his clothing. I am finding that difficult and upsetting.
The judge had told me to get a lawyer but I didn't have any money to do that. I tried to use Mike's money to get a lawyer but they said it had to be my money. With Mike's passing, his funeral and problems with my sister wanting to split his belongings before she left, I was distraught. I told her that I could not do anything before my April 22nd hearing and the end of the conservatorship. Besides Mike had no will so all his things go to his alcoholic wife.
Janet called me on Friday and told me that they wanted to help me in honor of my brother's memory. She Fed-Exed me a $5000 check for the retainer. Just out of the blue, but we really know that it was an answer to prayer.
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