Sexy Beasts Mini Challenge - Yoga

Friday, July 15, 2011

My fiance works today so I had to take the pictures myself. It was not easy. I had to make sure the camera was pointed in the right direction. They didn't come out well, they came out dark despite the flash I turned on. It's alright though, I went to Lunapic and edited them. I only cropped and brightened them...not an expert LOL.

My eager face LOL.

The Mountain Pose - very easy. I cropped this because on the left hand side, half of my son's face dominated it LOL. Thinking of keeping the original heehee.

This is the Triangle Pose. It was actually harder to do than I thought - but only because of the baby bump.

The Warrior Pose...shoulda dressed better LOL.

Standing Sidestretch Pose, another easy one and feels great...has also made me realize.....my pits are really dark looking haha.

This is the Standing Spread Leg Forward Bend - I know it sounds like something I made up right LOL. This had to have been THE hardest picture to take. The first one you could totally see my boobs - it's bad enough my sports bra was showing, so I took it again but this time my son thought it would be a perfect opportunity to pee (potty training him, we keep his potty in the living room since the bathroom is too small- he's actually an expert pottier but he won't tell us when he has to go) so beside my bending form is toddler cheeks. There went another 5 minutes of cleaning and returning his potty. I was finally able to get a picture, you can see my sunburn though (not that bad- I finally got a pool yay!).

Hero Pose. I was relieved to sit down after all the chaos LOL. A really relaxing pose.

This is the Tree Pose and I'm not fond of it at the moment, it's not easy balancing 2 humans at once. Not sure what would have happened if I would have taken the tv out LOL, I do know I would have had 2 very angry guys throwing tantrums...so glad I'm a bookworm LOL.

Overall a fun challenge! I like yoga, before this challenge though I didn't make enough time for it and I didn't really look into all the different forms and poses. I just stuck with 2 dvds but now I'll expand more.
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