Bills, Houses, and Alternate Universes

Sunday, July 24, 2011

My phone bill was due on the 18th - didn't pay it so.....I may not be around for a while. I don't even know when it's going to be shut off. Will I get a letter? No clue how these things work, never missed a payment on anything before, I always freak out at the thought of being late for anything but apparently my fiancé missed this on purpose. He's going to finish paying off his car payments since there is only a few left. He says we need to start saving money so we can move (this is the first I've even heard him mention moving LOL). He made some good points...can't remember what most were but they were in there.
Right now we live in a 2 bedroom home - both rooms very small but I could have fit a crib in my room but then he made a point of telling me that the only place the crib could be placed was right beside the heater register thingy (that's what I call it LOL) and he doesn't think it's smart to block it.
Anyway, he already has a place in mind (it's just fabulous that I was probably the last to know, he's always making decisions, then telling me afterwards....grumble...I wear pants too! Doesn't matter if they're pj's - still counts). It's a nice place, very close by, still need to look through it instead of just through the windows LOL, left some hand and nose prints on the glass heehee.
We did this 2 years ago too. We found more out about loans and all the finance jazz and they told us if we applied they were sure we would be approved. They also told us about this place that is a really big help, so we went there and the paperwork took forever. She did a credit check, my fiancé has excellent credit, I, on the other hand have none established. We then go home and she calls us MONTHS later asking about info on one of his old jobs and says she is sending something in the mail for him to fill out and he has to return in so many days. He does that, sends it in, then MONTHS later (LOL) we get a later saying "we" didn't complete paperwork and to call them as soon as possible, which I do and she's asking me questions I've already answered AND filled out on paper when I first met her. I even tell her this and she says "the paperwork cannot be found" I say "what paperwork" and she says "we only have your credit reports"......WHAT?! What happened to ALL the papers I filled out?!
This is not the first place that has lost my paperwork. It seems anything with my name on it disappears, probably into an alternate universe. I'm betting the parallel me is livin' the good life LOL she's most likely a skinny pessimist, not engaged and doesn't have any children yet. That's how that universe works, however you are in this universe it's the total opposite in the other....I learned this on Futurama LOL.
This time WILL be different though. I'm determined to find my new home. A 3 bedroom home or even if it is 2 bedrooms I want it to be spacious for my babies, and my cows (knickknacks - not real ones LOL), my books, everything! There is no room for anything here, pretty sure my kitchen eats things...or that's where the opening is to that alternate universe. Right now I do have a nice yard but hopefully I can find another nice one that is flat, it's really hard to play kickball uphill.
I like the house he is considering. He said he's been in it before when the last owners still lived there. He did some work for them, but he also thinks there is still a good bit of work needed.
The only thing I don't like about this idea is losing my internet. He is getting me a cell phone so maybe I can get one that connects to the internet that way I can keep sparking. I've never owned a cell phone before LOL. Yep that's right, most people think my generation had it easy with computers, phones, ipod's, etc but I've never had any of these things until I moved in with my guy. I didn't even own a CD until 2005 LOL. I had to work for everything when it came to my mom's ex-husband, but it's alright. I was a teenager, I had no use for those things (you totally wish your teenagers would've said that/would say that/will say that! LOL).
I didn't want to disappear without an explanation, don't want to disappear at all but I will be back again - just don't know when. I'll be logging on til I can't anymore!
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    Hope you guys get an awesome place for baby bee!
    3416 days ago
    Sure wish you the best! Sounds as though your fiance is a stable, responsible person. You are blessed for that. Just keep watching what's going on around you so you can learn as you go. Probably little by little you will become more involved in the decision-making. I can tell you have a fine, capable mind.

    So glad too that you're a wonderful mommy! If you become silent one day soon, we'll understand! All of us have 'been there' at one time or another! The very, very best to you and your family!!
    3420 days ago
    Good luck with everything!!
    3420 days ago
    I hope things work out for you. A bigger house would make life easier with the little ones as long as you can afford it. Times are tough for you youngsters at the moment.
    I would feel so lost without the internet now and I was so negative first of all as my son keeps reminding me.It would have been nicer for you if you were more involved in changes to your world but you seem ok with it. I am sure this parallel universe does exist all those things that go missing must go somewhere. Will miss you been around and hearing updates on new baby bee emoticon
    3420 days ago
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