Tuesday, August 16, 2011

GOYAAJDI! Get off your a$$ and just do it!

Yup! How many times have I gone searching for a quick fix, only to find it to be unhealthy, unsafe, or both? GEEESH! Especially when the reality of it is that I just need to GOYAAJDI!

This morning I took a good hard look at my nutrition over the last few days. SCARY! I realized that I am carb-loading without realizing it. And, for that matter, the carbs that I am taking in are not necessarily good for me. They give me instant gratification, yet they lead me to want more, and more, and more!

Definitely not good!

I also realized that my nutrition is way out of kilter! I need to find the balance. Go back to basics and reevaluate what it is that my body is really craving. Iron is the culprit that comes to mind ... yet, there may be other underlying factors that are hidden there.

Our bodies will keep craving what is missing until it is brought back into balance. We just have to take a good hard look to find it. So, the Duck is taking her own advice and going back to basics ... preplanning ever item that is to pass these lips. Logging every morsel that that finds its way down my gullet, and making myself accountable for all of it!

Yep ... back to basics and nothing ... absolutely nothing will pass these lips unless I have deemed necessary.

P.S. HEY DUCK! If it ain't on your plan ... don't touch it! Or else there will be Duck to pay!
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