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Sunday, September 04, 2011

I have made a change this past week. I decided to put some things to the test. It is just a theory but worth testing.

When I look over my nutrition each day, I am very often WAY under my protein requirements consistently. Obviously, my body isn't getting what it needs.

I was talking to my mom a few months ago, and she said that Dr. Oz said that you should eat 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of rising. She lost 18 pounds in a relatively short period of time doing this one thing. I asked her how in the world she managed to get in that much protein. I mean - that is like eating 5+ eggs! She said she did eat an egg or two, but mostly just made a protein shake.

In the last few months, I have been reading a lot of things about running. I would skip through the books to the part about nutrition and losing weight while running. I mean, I run about 3 hours a week. You would think I would lose weight. But, today I looked back over the time I have been on spark and I haven't lost any weight since Dec. 2009. Oh. . .well. . .I have lost the same 5 pounds over and over again. Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled that I have kept off the 35 pounds I have lost. I owe that to Spark and the tools here and the friends I have made through Spark. But, it is time to move on!

So, in my reading, I started theorizing that when I run, since I am not eating enough protein to support my body perhaps my body is burning the muscle rather than fat. Not strength training is also another contributing factor.

So, I began looking for protein powders. There is no way I am eating 5 eggs in the morning! I think I would be gagging them down! The protein powders are expensive. I looked at various stores and then had an awesome idea! (patting myself on the back) I had already looked up all the foods that were higher in protein. On that list was cottage cheese. What if I made a shake with cottage cheese? Okay - test it!

This past week I made a shake with 100 grams of cottage cheese, 150 grams of plain low fat yogurt, 100 grams of 1.5% fat milk, and truvia - my favorite no calorie sweetener. That was my base. Some days I added a banana. Some days I added PB2 (powdered peanut butter without the fat) and a Tablespoon of cocoa. Result? Well, it turns out to be about 300 calories and 30 grams of protein!

That was a good start to my day. I realized that I didn't need a morning snack anymore either. I focused the rest of the day to push my protein intake up to 100 grams - while still staying in my fat ranges.

After a week - I lost 2 pounds! Okay, ya, I know, it is the same two pounds I have previously lost. But, this morning, I lost another pound! I went back month by month and realized, my weight today, 183.2 is the lowest I have been since December 2009.

My plan? Continue. I'll try to give a report as to how week 2 goes with this plan.

I am so thankful to Spark for their tools. I mean, I just put in my food, set up what I want tracked and it does all the math. The reports are invaluable. If you have never looked over the things under "reports" you are missing some great tools. I can look back there and see each time I have stayed in my calorie range, how much I exercised, what I weighed, etc, etc. There is a wealth of information there.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    made me think, will go back and check on my intake...good blog! hope you are still on track for where you want to be?
    3242 days ago
    Great info! I can't imagine making a shake out of cottage cheese though...sounds kinda icky to me, but I'm not a big fan of cottage cheese. I'm going to look into some other recipes for protein shakes, though. Thanks!
    3312 days ago
    I like this read. It will help me also and other comments re to yours. Excellent blog.

    3312 days ago
    I had the low protein problem too. I use Body Fortress Whey Protein Powder for breakfast, (1 scoop). Cottage Cheese shakes are good too. I like tuna and just about any fish and we eat more fish now. I started looking for sales of fresh fish and find something every week. I eat higher protein than the pie chart on Spark and am doing much better now.
    3422 days ago
    I'm doing Atkins, and getting enough protein has been a big part of my success this time around. Good luck!
    3429 days ago
    Congratulations. I have been trying to up my protein while keeping my fat down since April, and have been slacking lately. I will have to try adding more protein to my breakfast. Thank you for sharing that.
    3431 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4599720
    This is just good news for you!! I hope that you will seek out many ways to increase your protein. Just drinking a glass of milk adds protein! Congratulations on the weight loss!
    3431 days ago
    I'm increasing my protein to lose weight and it's working for me too. I was stalled before. My doc looked at my bloodwork and told me that my protein was way too low. She told me to try for 80g/day. She also put me on gluten-free carbs and told me to eat healthy fats as well. So far it's been working great! Good luck to you!
    3432 days ago
    emoticon Great reminder that we need to be checking our Reports often.
    emoticon Congratulations on your creativity with increasing your Protein, and for your Loss so far!!
    3432 days ago
    That is really great Mariean. I will look forward to seeing how you continue to do. Congrats on the loss!!

    3432 days ago
    Wow, this is so eye-opening! I am absolutely going to have to give thought to this.

    As you may know, my mother spent 2 1/2 months with us while she recovered from heart surgery. Her eating habits are absolutely appalling. Her cardiologist has told her to gain weight, and she absolutely refuses. Also, she is diabetic (which she is in denial about). She has been encouraged to drink Glucerna shakes but absolutely refuses to do so. But all in all, she eats a very high carb, low protein diet. I have tried to get her to change with extremely little success. My only real success was that I got her into Greek yogurt.

    Speaking of Greek yogurt, are you aware that it is much higher in protein than regular yogurt? Keep this in mind. My health club used to serve a peanut butter banana shake in their cafe. It was great. but I don't think they have it anymore. I have made my own and added some cocoa powder to it; yummy and very high in protein (made with Greek yogurt, of course).

    Thanks for passing this along.
    3433 days ago
    I wish I like cottage cheese - sounds like a good plan - but I just cannot stand it. Does it have chunks when it's in the shake?
    3433 days ago
    Good information. I know I am under in protein. I've been trying to have more protein every day. Love the idea with the cottage cheese. I make protein shakes with unsweetened vanilla almond milk and protein powder. I always look for a powder low in sugar, the one I use is Body Fortress. Didn't know about the 30 grams, I better see what I am doing!
    3433 days ago
    i love cottage too, just don't think i can drink it, dun know?
    i think i will stick with just eating it,lol
    wow congrats on the weightloss !
    keep on sparkin and thanks for the advice !
    emoticon emoticon
    3433 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4114604
    Mariean:) great blog!! I love that you figured out what your body needs...and it is working for you!!I am pretty sure that I'm consistently low on yes I am going to be a copy cat and try your shake ...hope you don't mind?? ;)
    Big Congrats on losing yet another pound!!Awesome..wunderbar!!
    I'm pressing "liked this blog" because what you are sharing..more people need to know!!
    3433 days ago
  • SUNNY332
    Wow - what an eye opener this was for me. I have printed out your blog and will be tracking my food this week to see if I am getting enough protein.

    Thanks so much, Mariean!

    3433 days ago
    Loved this blog! I too am upping my protein and I do eat a lot of cottage cheese b/c I love it.

    I just wanted to respond to the powder being expensive. I almost gagged at the cost of mine it but, it lasts a long time. The one I get is made for women. It is Nu-Tec Pro Her. I love the flavor and I do one or two a day. Then also use eggs and other proteins as well. Plus I have a no-taste protein powder that I can mix with any foods and it ups the protein.

    I love your idea but just not sure I would like to do that to my cottage cheese b/c I love the taste and eating it.

    BTW where do you get peanut powder protein without the fat. I could so use some of that.

    Good for you for finding what works and makeing the necessary changes.
    3433 days ago
    I'm also almost ALWAYS way under my protein... good idea...

    I, too, love the reports... when I joined SP was the first time I ever really cared about what nutrients, etc I took in... I also love the fact that SP does all the math... I can put down .125 of a serving and they take care all of it! :-)
    3433 days ago
    3433 days ago
    Wow! I saw you had a blog so had to come and see it. That is exciting and thought provoking. I am under in protein too, most of the time. ALso, I have been crazy busy here, with garden and school and sundry other things. I did get you letter on regular email. THank you so much. Read it to the kids. My other computer won't let me type.
    3433 days ago
    Brilliant, i say, brilliant!! emoticon
    Wow, another pound this morning?!
    I think you have found the formula that is going to get you seeing results....big time!!
    emoticon emoticon Onward!!
    3433 days ago
    That is wonderful. Happy for you that you have found something that works! May it keep up and lose all that you aspire to!
    3433 days ago
    Thank you for the info. I just started on Spark and by using the reports just from the one day I entered my eating habits, I consume way to many carbs and not enough proteins. I like eggs so I will be doing a lot with the egg whites (for example, omelette with spinach, chicken(breast), mixed peppers, and a splash of cheese) Let's see what happens... emoticon
    3433 days ago
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