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Sunday, October 30, 2011

I am so frustrated with myself right now. I had lost the 100 pounds that I set my goal as, but now I can't seem to stop myself from eating everything in sight. I have gained 17 of it back and I am really getting down on myself. I have no motivation to exercise and it is just easier to eat my way to happiness. I need my motivation back and to get back on this healthy lifestyle that I loved so much. I absolutely hate looking at myself because I am so upset with me for slipping back to food for comfort (or earing because it's there). I did it once and I'm gonna do it again, I just need that extra push.

Feel free to push me...any of you. I could use all the pushing and support I can get right now. I haven't been on here in a long time, but I'm back now and know this is where I need to be if I'm going to accomplish my goals. Thank you to everyone on here who has ever helped me.
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    I read something the other day that said "If it's important, you will find a way, if not, you will find an excuse." We can apply this to so many areas of our lives. Girl, you did an AMAZING thing losing 100lbs. You CAN stick to it, you've done it before, you just need to wrap your head around it. Starting (or re-starting) is the hardest part. Once you get going you will start to feel strong and confident again. And please continue to reach out to the amazing people here on spark. We are all rooting for you and we're here to lift you up when you struggle. It won't be easy, but it will be worth it!! **HUGS!**

    By the way, I have a lot of respect for your profession. People like you really make a difference in other people's lives. So, thank you. =)
    3403 days ago
    I gained back all the weight that I lost too and now in the same boat as you. It's frustrating and honestly I was desperate enough to find a miracle weight loss system, but then I got to thinking about the lifestyle change and now back on track. Maybe finding a new hobby or something new that you enjoy will help keep the munchies off your mind. You can do this!
    3405 days ago
  • JENNC34
    Thank you. I need a good hard shove! I know I can do this! I'm making the turn back to where I was today! Thank you so much!
    3407 days ago
    I have had a hard last few months because of health issues and medication that has stopped the scale. In the midst of that I celebrated 1year with sparkpeople and received a sparkblog favorite post award!!! I have listed all of my goals for the last year on that blog and what I was able to do....then 600+ sparkfriends posted and encouraged me and reminded me what we have here on and why we are doing what we are doing!!! For me it can not all be about the scale or about the has to be somewhere in the middle. I encourage you to read some of the encouraging words from the sparkworld on my blog responses...those amazing sparkpeople are examples of all of us just trying one day at a time to chose to be healthier and happier at the same time!! Remember it is not about giving up your favorite foods or killing yourself exercising...that is not how you lost your weight or how I lost it is that one day at a time attitude that we will chose to love ourselves enough to be nice to our bodies...that we will take care of us first so that we can give and take care of those around us for the long run!!! I know you can get back track again and believe in did it before and you can do it again!!! And if nothing else take this as a kick in the back and a hug from one sparker to another...get going, just do it!!! God allows U-turns....this is the saying on the magnet on my refrigerator...good place for it to be and truth is there!!!! You can make that U-turn today!!! Smiles Barb emoticon
    3407 days ago
  • JENNC34
    My focus did change. I am a drug and alcohol counselor so my focus shifted to trying to take care of my clients. I did exactly what I try to get them NOT to do...take care of everyone else. I try to get them to take care of "them". I know I need to focus on me and plan time for "me". That's what I'm doing now is regrouping and making "me" a priority. Thanks for the encouragement and making me think. Thats what I need.
    3407 days ago
  • no profile photo CD9368940
    I think that is a mistake a lot of people make. Set a goal and you reach the goal, then what? I think as you do it again, you also set goals for after you reach the hundred pounds. As you have worked so hard to reach that goal, the feeling you had when you reached it is awesome. So set goals for after you do it by researching, how many regain the weight or give up exercise. Challenge yourself to be the successful one who is keeping it off. Still challenge yourself to try new things. Make the after as wonderful as getting to the 100 pounds. You loved achieving the healthy life style and you did it. To achieve it you had to stay focused and committed so this time as you are working to take off the 17 pounds, set some goals to achieve after you do that.
    You can beat the odds and keep it off and keep it excited. Can I ask you a question. After you lost the 100 pounds, did your focus move on to other things or did you still pay attention to you and your needs. If your focus moved on to other things, that is one thing you will have to put on your to do list everyday, see what your needs are everyday, check on how your doing, because when our focus is on other things, we really don't pay attention to ourselves.
    3407 days ago
  • JENNC34
    I had my appendix out over a year ago and the doctor told me I was obese. I didnt believe her until I came home and got on the scale. That is the day that changed my life. Now, i need to find that same motivation again. I just keep how I want to look and feel close to the front of my mind and I'm hoping that will work for me. I also carry my "fat" picture in my wallet to look at. Guess it's time to pull it out. Thank you for your commen and encouragement.
    3407 days ago
    What motivated you to start with? Was it pictures? Something changing in your life? You CAN do it. Hop back on the wagon, and don't look back.
    3407 days ago
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