Sunday, December 04, 2011

There have been times that I have really hated my body, hated my legs, hated myself for not being able to run as long or far as I wanted, kind of hated who I was in general.

Yesterday morning I ran 20 miles. That’s 32.1 km. That’s 200 laps around a typical indoor track. That was 3 hours and 20 minutes of nonstop running. Ever since I decided last March that I was going to run a marathon, I said I could never picture myself ever doing 20 miles. I even still said that 2 weeks ago. You run 10 miles and you are only half way done? holy crap.

Well I did it, and have never in my life been so happy with myself. I loved my body. For being the weight it is now to run that, for my heart and lungs being as healthy as they are to run for almost 3.5 hours. I love my legs. obviously, I couldn’t have done that without them. They took me about 32,000 running steps. Watching the victoria’s secret fashion show last weekend, I know I lot of girls where seriously envying those models legs. But I’d rather have mine. For what I have trained them to do and honestly, I like the muscle in them.

I have a very big sense of accomplishment losing the weight, but the feeling I felt when I hit 20 miles yesterday was unreal. March of 2010 I went for my first run in a few years. 1/4 of a mile and I was dead. I just went 80 times farther. And for the first time in my life, I feel confident that I can finish the marathon.

Don’t look at anything fitness wise and think you can’t do it. There were times when people told me running would get easier and I would build up my endurance and I flat out didn’t believe it. I really never thought I could get past 3 miles and it took me a while to get there. You can train your body to do amazing things.

There is no finish line. Hope less, Kick harder. Dreams start, Guts finish. emoticon
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