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Thursday, March 22, 2012

One year ago, my status on facebook read like this �A year from now, you will wish you had started today�. Boy was I right!

It has officially been 1 year since I decided to change my life.

In the last year, these are a few of the things I have accomplished.
I have lost 62 lbs.
I have dropped in BMI from a 39 to a 29 (10 points!)
I have gone from being obese to overweight
I hit ONEderland!
I went from a size 24W Jeans being tight to a size 14 being loose.
I went from getting out of breath walking through Walmart, to being able to run over a mile without stopping.
I have gone from hiding in the corner at family gatherings to being one of the most outgoing people in the room.
I have started enjoying shopping and trying on clothes.
I have developed new hobbies that don't involve food
I leave the house on my own
Probably the most important thing.
I have discovered that I CAN DO ANYTHING. ANYTHING.

There are no secrets to the success. I would say that what has clicked for me this time is that I have determination to change instead of just being motivated. Motivation comes and goes on a daily (if not minute by minute) basis. Determination means that even if I don't feel motivated right this second to get off the couch, my determination to lose kicks me to move anyway. When I'm tempted by a KFC commercial, determination keeps me from jumping in the car and getting some. When I've had a stressful day and REALLY want a cigarette (i.e. not motivated to quit) I don't because determination keeps me from going there! When I see a gain on the scale and stop being motivated to track my food, determination keeps me plugging numbers in.

I think what I struggle with the most in general is slacking because of success. I see a much smaller person in the mirror, which is great, but I am more optimistic about the skills I have learned thus far than I should be. For instance, I am very tempted not to track because "I've been tracking for almost a year, I know what I can eat" and I'm tempted not to work out because ... well that's more because I'm still lazy and I still hate exercise. To summarize, I struggle avoiding being "satisfied" with what I have accomplished thus far. I have a ways to go... 32 lbs to be exact... to JUST hit a healthy BMI.

How I'm working on it, is knowing that if I keep pushing and keep working and keep losing that I will look back at how much I weigh NOW and feel like I do when I look back at how I weighed 60 lbs ago. And hey! If I lose all the weight I need to now.. I will never have to lose weight again. Ever. Wouldn't that be a trip!? One year from now, I would like to be at a healthy BMI. Maybe it will take less time, but surely I can lose 32 lbs in 52 weeks, right? Slowly and surely... I'm going to finish the loss and get to maintenance.

I have to say a �thank you� to all of my wonderful Spark friends out there� you all have made such an impact in my life, and have been a TREMENDOUS help on this journey.

I'll close with this: when I joined Spark People, I also joined a team which encouraged me to make a list of things that I was �Done� doing. Here they are, along with how I�m checking them off, one by one.

I am done: Shopping in different stores or in the plus sizes: I shopped in the regular section today! Even in stores I hadn't shopped in in years.

I am done: Having more than one "X" on my clothing: I'm now normally a size "large".

I am done: Having shorts ride up when I walk: Not a problem anymore (unless they're too short lol)

I am done: My husband's baggy shirts being snug: I weigh less than DH for the first time in our relationship!

I am done: With bathroom stalls that are so small it's hard to wipe (TMI I know): Nope!

I am done: Sucking it in and trying to turn sideways in pictures: Ok, still do this, but I no longer hate the way i look in pictures!

I am done: Having ridiculously long hair because I'm hiding my face: I'm not afraid to wear my hair back!

I am done: Standing on the sidelines because of how I'll look doing something: I totally danced with my friends this weekend (although it was just in our living room after glass #3 of wine lol)

I am done: With the "strategic sweater": A heavy clothing store associate told me about how she wears a sweater/shawl over this one shirt, and then when I tried it on, we both agreed I didn't need it!

I am done: Lying to myself about my weight: I weigh in every week. No excuses.

I am done: Never doing my hair or makeup because I feel it doesn't matter: It's rare that I don't blowdry my hair anymore! (Although I still slack in the makeup department lol)

I am done: With only being able to wear ugly shoes because cute ones hurt: I bought a pair of 4 inch sparkle shoes just because (on clearance for $2)

I am done: With only having one pair of jeans: I have 5 pairs that fit, and just cleared my closet of 13 that are too big!

I am done: Having to wear sports bras for comfort: I wear a regular bra now, underwire and all.. just got another one today!

I am done Getting winded with the easiest of tasks: I can walk for miles, and run for over a mile!

I am done: Hating exercise : well.. some things don't change! I do like the way it makes me feel.

This is a picture from me today trying on a hat for fun... I look ridiculous but it's the only super recent photo I can find! Ha ha~!
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