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Sunday, May 06, 2012

I'm a little lost right now and mind is wondering!!! I'm pissed right now but NOT only with myself BUT my husband as well!!!!! I for the life of me can't understand why he JUST keeps bringing my favorites into the house for me!!?????

I mean I've been fighting this battle for a long time now and my I add still at a battle with myself every day!! You say you understand but yet you bring my favorite foods into the house!! You say I'm on your side and YOU can do it but you bring my favorites in the house. You say, mix your workouts up and you see me going to the gym workout and come home and you have something NOT healthy waiting for me to eat!!!! You can see I've made some changes in foods when you look into the frig......so tell me WHY are you still walking into the house with some of my favorites!!! This is still...with the changes I made...still a battle for me I'm NOT where I need OR want to be right now!!

I'm sure you're thinking well you don't have to eat it...TRUE but remember these are foods that I love and I'm not where I need to be mentally!! It's a work in progress but I'm struggling right now and I'm fighting to do the right things!! He knows I want to be much thinner by vacation time in August so why.....why are you doing this!!??? That's my only question!! I thought he wanted to see me healthier, thinner, and reached my goals! But I'm not too sure about that! I've even told him that since you have diabetes you sure change up your diet and exercise with me! Has he done it....NO!! I feel like the walls are closing in on me cause I don't have a supportive cast around me at work or home!!! I can say this...my 14 year old son supports me pretty well and I do believe he's one of the reasons why I havent given up! I can go to the gym and he'll have my dinner my healthy dinner waiting for me! Plus I'll pick him up one day out of the week and he works out with me!! For this...I will not give up! I'll keep fighting this battle and reach my goal even if my husband really doesn't want me to reach my goals as he says he does!!! I'll get to the finish line one way or another!!!!
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  • no profile photo CD5561505
    I can relate to you in a sense. It's rough when you have a house full of men that's can eat whatever and then there's me who looks at food and gains weight. I have tried weight watchers but I failed because at that time even a salad was 2-5 pts. So it really left me no room for snacking. So then I tried eating clean. Well with eating clean you don't have to count points. So as soon as I would indulge, the scale would go up!! So after prayer, God gave me the idea to do both. I eat clean 80% of the time. well most of my eat clean foods are free foods on WW. So that enables me to save my weekly points and my activity points for the weekend. That's when I get to eat the foods I love. still in moderation but I get to enjoy them!! And I still step on the scale and it's going down. The weight watchers allows me to eat clean without eating to much calories and it helps me to implement my favorite foods without over doing it.
    You can buy some smart ones meals to keep in your freezer so when you do come home and hubby has an unhealthy meal waiting for you, you can see how many point you have left to use (don't forget the harder at the gym you workout the more points you get), pull out a smart one from the freezer, see how many points it is. If you have more points left then the SO, then maybe take between 1/4 to 1/2 cup of something from the unhealthy meal that hubby made to use up the extra points, put the rest of the meal in a freezer bag and save it for the weekend when you can use your extra weekly points. This way you get to treat yourself and stay within your points and loose the weight. And your less likely to fall of the wagon.
    I hope this helps.
    3187 days ago
  • JAIRIE813
    Keep your head up and stay determined. I know it can take ALL your willpower to say no, but you can do it! When he brings in your favorites, stop and think about your goals. Remember why you started this journey and tell him no. That is one thing that has been the hardest for me...learning to say no...and sometimes I can't. Thank goodness for this wonderful website and all the supportive people. Just remember you are not alone. emoticon
    3188 days ago
  • KC030401
    Hi, I once read a quotation that said that "People love you, til you leave." You may wonder how that relates to what your talking about, but your husband loves you they way you are, but you desire to be healthier, and thinner. For him he may subconsciously be thinking that if she gets healthier, will she be the same person that I feel in love with? Obviously losing weight is not about leaving your husband, but sometimes the people that are closet to us, really don't want to see us change. I know you say you're not there mentally, but consider this, if he brings something home that is your favorite, eat a small teaspoon and then immediately throw the rest in the trash. A teaspoon of your favorite will not kill your diet, just walk or exercise five or ten minutes more to make up for your indulgence. Or considered covering that item with something that will make it unappealing like covering it with ketchup, or mustard, or mayo or syrup, and then throwing it in the trash. Once your husband sees and understands that you really aren't going to eat what he brought you, things may start to change. And the fact that you're on spark people suggests that you might be stronger than you think - mentally. You can do it. emoticon
    3188 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4501477
    Suppport is really something we need in this journey. I wish you the best and hope the hubby changes. Maybe he will, maybe he won't, time will tell. But you keep on with your jorney and with the hlep of your son I hope you can make it without giving up. Here's to us. I am woman, hear me roar. emoticon
    3188 days ago
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