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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Believe it or not......I just woke up!!!! My eyes are wide opened now!! My last blog which was the other day, was about my husband bringing home all my favorites for me to eat for dinner after I had already worked out at the gym!!! Well he has diabetes and has known that for 9 years now. Hasn't changed his diet at all!!!!

Well tonight his sugar levels were dropping and he said he had to eat some carbs. Well, I didn't understand why and I asked him,"your dinner wasn't enough"? He looks at me and said no it wasn't, I didn't have any carbs!! Then told me, thats what's wrong with me why I can't lose any weight!!! I eat TOO MANY CARBS!!! And that I couldn't keep going around saying "using that as an excuse"that I don't understand the whole healthy thing(what to put together for a meal) I'll admit that I've said before that I don't understand what all goes together as in making up the proper meal when dieting! And I don't and I don't think I'm using that as an excuse. I honestly didn't know the break downs of it all....how many carbs or fats or protein that should be in each meal!!!

He pissed me off because if you(he) know so much why in the hell haven't you lost any weight??!!! I have lost some weight and because you said what you said tonight...I'm more determined now to lose more!!!! NOT to eat what you bring home, like tonight coming home with fried chicken asking me do i want to eat some for dinner!?? I'm so glad I told you NO! Yes, you upset me tonight but I'm glad you put your foot in your mouth cause that motivated me in a way you wouldn't believe!!

I thought you were on my side but I see you're not!! You can't tell me one minute you are and the next you're trying to feed me fatty dinners, lunches and what have you!!! And telling me that I'm making excuses up for not loosing the weight!!! So thank you!!! Thank you very much, because right now you're my biggest motivator and you don't even know it!!! emoticon
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    emoticon I love the determination! emoticon

    3176 days ago
    Good for you! Stick to your determination.

    As far as what to put together...there are many ways to go. I have lost weight with a vegan diet (50+ pounds) but it didn't work well with a family. I lost with Atkins/low carb (50+ pounds), but have not continued that due to egg and dairy sensitivities. Then, I went on a detox (lost 40 pounds) and then an elimination diet (lost 20+ pounds more) to find out what foods I was reacting to. I had dealt with allergies as a teen, but didn't realize they were still causing me to gain weight/fluid.

    Now, I am on a dairy free, gluten free, refined sugar free, egg free diet. I had maintained my weight for 4 years or so before having my weight creep up. I thought maybe more allergies, but found that my blood sugar has been high. They have not said diabetic, but I can't seem to get the weight off even though I eat a really healthful diet. I eat meat, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, wild rice and rice. I don't eat much rice and I do eat a lot of fish. I also use olive oil for everyone in my home. I am exercising and eating well and the weight won't come off. I think the hyperglycemia really messes up the body. I will find more about that when I see the endocrinologist.

    I am really fighting a battle this time.
    3185 days ago
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