I nearly didn’t do it!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

I had lots of excuses – and very good ones as well – not the usual, I just don’t feel like it, it is too cold or it is raining!

I have to exercise around my kids schedule. So when they have activities I can do my 5k training.

Saturday’s they are supposed to have swimming and dance class. I usually do my grocery shopping during swimming and do my run while they are at dance class. However, dance class was cancelled today, leaving a gap in my plan! And Sat morn was going to be the only time for the whole weekend that I wouldn’t have the kids. I knew I could do things like skipping or a DVD with them but I wouldn’t be able to finish my 5k training week!

I was toying with the idea of doing my run while they were swimming , but I had stopped doing that before as there was always dogs on the loose in that area and not very nice ones! Then last night I had the idea of driving half a mile away to where it is a safer neighbourhood.

Woke up this morning to a lovely sunny morning and was looking forward to my run. But whatever happened on my way to swimming – I had lots of excuses by the time I got there!

My hip was very sore, I wouldn’t have time to fit in driving a distance and getting in my run and being back in time to help my daughter get changed and I couldn’t think of an appropriate place to do it.

I dropped them and got back in the car, knowing in head that I really had no notion of doing it. I was in the process of mentally preparing a list of what other errands I could do when I spotted them!

Yes – two ladies out jogging. They will never know they just inspired someone but just then I knew I had to do the run! Even if I was not back on time, my daughter is so independent that she does not like help and she does it by herself at her school swimming classes anyway. I need to nurture her independent streak and not stifle it. That was never a good excuse!!

I also badly did not want to give up on my 5k training. I have a habit of giving up if things are not going to plan!!

The end result – I parked the car and just got out and ran! The feeling of not wanting to do it gradually disappeared and at the end my Nike app told me I had completed my fastest mile time to date!!! Was I so glad I did it! 3.14 miles in 31.50 minutes!!!

So going back to my first sentence about having good excuses – scratch that, they were quiet bad ones!!

Lessons learnt:
1) You never know when you are being an inspiration
2) Excuses are never as good as you think (actually excuses are the lies we tell ourselves)
3) Never put off until later what you can do now, something can come in the way of doing it later.

Have a great week-end everyone!
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