NOW that's a wrap!!!!

Sunday, August 05, 2012

We all have a turning point which gets us focused to do what we set out to do from day one!! No matter how many times we've started over.....there's that moment that smacks you in the face!!! Well I had that moment yesterday at my cousin's wedding!!! I was just standing on the side of the wall talking to my sister and sister-in-law and my cousin(from out of town) which happens to have everything in place on her.....probably 4 % bodyfat period on her body frame, she walks up to talk to me and we hear this pop!!!! She (we) look down and my heel broke on my shoe!!!!! emoticon I kept talking trying to play it off while looking to see where my heel popped off to!! Well, I had to end up walking around until I left on one heel trying to hide the fact that my heel had came off!!! I was doing nothing but standing there and pop!!! I'm glad it didn't happen at the church or while I was standing in the middle of the floor dancing!!

So, I'M DONE with starting over!! I start today and this is it for me!! Can't keep starting over, cause really....when you say that you set yourself up for hundreds of I'll start over tomorrow and before you know it there's another tomorrow and so on!!! How many tomorrow's do we ( I ) need!!!???? Get it together and just do it!!!! The next time my cousin comes home for a visit or I go visit her......she'll see a thinner me!!! And to be honest I need to see a thinner me!!!

I'll emoticon until I get to where I need/want to be!! NOT GIVING UP THIS TIME!!!
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