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My dd miracle

Saturday, September 01, 2012

My Miracle

So, now that I'm home and have a real keyboard, I can now describe this week in full. If you are weak in stomach... don't read.

Monday morning I woke up at 4:30am and realized that I was in labor. By 1pm, the contractions were bad enough that I wanted to head towards the hospital. So, I get to the hospital and like being pregnant with Derek, I was only dilated to a 3 when I got there. After about 2 hours of walking, I'm finally at a 4 and am admitted. Around 5pm, I get prepped for an epidural. My goal was to go around 8 hours without an epidural just to see if I could deliver without one, and well, I thought that after 12 hours... I had met my goal and it was time for some relief! This is where problems began. Sooo... I forget that I have scoliosis. It's never been an issue for me since it's so slight, so I just don't think about it. Well, after trying 3 or 4 times, he finally asks if I've ever been diagnosed. Ok, back up. Yes, he tried 3-4 times... I was stabbed that many times before he started to really get frustrated. I was literally screaming in pain with every stick. He simply could not get me numb. I guess that there are varying levels of numbing medicine, and he was now using his most potent stuff and could not figure out why I was feeling him weave the whatever he was weaving through my bones. Finally, he was like... ok, let's just take a break. I have never felt my back so tense... ever. Anyway, it was now like 6pm... and I'm still having contractions. Well, after another couple of tries, he finally is able to weave the epidural around my bones and he got it (he thought) into the right area. And I did instantly feel relief... just not completely. Well, after about 15 minutes, they come to insert the catheter. I'm a bit anxious about this since I'm still feeling pain and they assure me that I won't feel the catheter going in... so I say, ok... go ahead and do it. Well... I felt it going in and it freaking hurt. So, they are like... huh... maybe the epidural isn't quite in the right spot. You think??? So, the anesthesiologist comes in a says, yeah... it should be fully in affect and shouldn't be feeling hardly anything. So, he's like... let me adjust it and see if that helps. After about 5 minutes, I am fully feeling every contraction again. So, he's like... I'm so sorry, but we are going to have to pull it out and try a new location. Well, luckily, at this point in time, the numbing medicine on my back has finally fully numbed my back and I can relax while he's doing the epidural. After 2 more tries, he finally gets it in the right spot and I feel complete relief. It's now 9pm... and I'm still only dilated to a 4. BUT... the next 3 hours are pure bliss. I really don't blame him, he did his best. Anyway, I'm able to relax and everything is going as it should. By 11pm, I'm dilated to an 8 and by 11:30, I'm ready to deliver. So, they get me ready and my doctor shows up and around 11:48. I start pushing. It goes really well, and at 12:05am on August 21st, baby girl is born.

So, after a few minutes of working, my placenta also comes out and the doctor makes sure that everything has come out like it should have. After about 10 minutes of her working, she tells me that she thinks that a part of my placenta is still in my uterus because I'm still bleeding pretty heavily. So, she continues to work on it. Well, she finally tells me that she is going to call another doctor because she believes that I'm still bleeding because my placenta won't come out completely... like 5% is still in there. Well, about 5 minutes later, she's like... ok, we can't wait, I'm taking you into surgery. I still really don't quite know what is going on and am feeling a bit nauseous and light headed. Now, my doctor is one of the sweetest people that I know and she starts getting mad at the curtains for getting in her way. That's when I figure out that something serious is going on. They get me into the OR, and I see like 10 people zipping around the room. I see my doctor, a whole bunch of nurses (I later find out that pretty much every nurse on duty got called in to the OR), the anesthesiologist, and finally, the other doctor. Ok... remember how hard the epidural was to get in... well, because it was so hard to get it, he had me extra numb... so they didn't have to wait for general anesthesia and they got to begin work immediately, and since I was awake, they were able to ask me questions about what I was feeling... which was quite vital to determine how much blood I had lost and how long they had to work. So, they tried a couple of things... including massage and a DNC. Anyway, those didn't work and the other doctor right out asked me if I was done having kids. I said, well, no... we really probably wanted at least one more if not a couple more. She kinda glared at me and said ok. That's when my doctor stepped in and asked me if I'd be ok with a blood transfusion and that they were going to try a technique that they had rarely ever used. If it didn't work, then they would have to give me a hysterectomy because that would be the only way that they could stop the bleeding. Anyway, I guess after about 30 minutes (I really don't know this number... could have been 5), they had everything ready and they began to insert the balloon. Anyway, all during this, my anesthesiologist was AWESOME. He kept my mind off of what was going on around me and made sure that I had absolutely no pain... including nausea. I swear that I complained like every 5 minutes... and he'd fix it every time. So, while they were filling up the balloon, my doctor came over and told me that I had lost too much blood (around 2 liters) and that I'd need a blood transfusion. Also, if the balloon didn't work, that she wouldn't have any other choice but to give me a hysterectomy. I told her that I understood and that I trusted her completely and I asked her to let Ben know so he could pray. Of course, I was crying terribly at this point. I later found out that if it had been any other doctor, they would not have given me the choice of the balloon and I would have had a hysterectomy. After another x minutes, the balloon filled up and I remember hearing a few shocked comments. It had stopped the bleeding. I was only the 2nd person this year to try the balloon. Anyway, after the balloon was considered to be effective, the doctor got a hold of 2 nurses who were told to not leave my sight until she checked on me the next morning. So, around 3am, the worst was over. When morning came, I found out what all had actually happened. My placenta had literally grown into my uterus. This is called placenta increta. Common procedure is to do a hysterectomy and only because my doctor was who she was... is why I still have all of my reproductive parts. I am seriously blessed. And... apparently, right after my surgery, like 10 women go into labor and all have their babies in like 5 hours. I can now see God's hand in all of this. The anesthesiologist having a hard time and needing to numb me more than usual which allowed me to stay awake during the procedure, the hospital being unusually empty of patients allowing so many people to be in the OR to assist my doctor, being able to get a blood transfusion so quickly without any issues, having a doctor who was willing to go the extra mile for me... and God giving a calmness to Ben and my mom so they wouldn't worry.

So, the worst was over. 24 hours later, they remove the balloon and I have very minimal bleeding. No hysterectomy!!! 24 hours after that all my bloodwork comes back great, 24 hours after that I'm told I can go home... which brings me here right now. I'm watching my son ride his tricycle and my daughter happily sleep. Life can't get much better. :)

My thoughts. When I learned how critical my DD was after giving birth I was in tears and so wanted to be there, but couldn't. As I was on my knees praying a peace came over me that I knew she would be fine. The holy spirit was the great comfortor. Thank you Lord.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Donna, In my Bible Study we have been talking about miracles, this is truly a miracle. God does work in mysterious ways, so thankful that things went the way they did. God Bless your precious family!
    2673 days ago
    Donna- I like Linda have worked as an OB nurse and can see the miracle and provision from our Lord for your daughter!! Thank you for sharing this story and reminding me of the greatness of our God and his provision for those we love. Thank you also for giving us the opportunity to pray along with you for her healthy recovery.
    3065 days ago
  • LINDAF49
    Oh Donna, since I was an OB nurse for 12 years, I understand every step your daughter described and i sit here with tears streaming down my face, thanking God for his miracless, His timeing and His healing of the people He has created. Thanks so much for sharing. Big hugs and soooooo thrilled God bless you-all really Big this day with peace, continued strength and health.
    3069 days ago
  • TANYA210
    What an ordeal your DD went thru. I am so happy to hear she is fine. She had a truley amazing dr and nurses all around her. God was looking after her.
    3070 days ago
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