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Blog#6 of 30 Things to Start doing for yourself

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Blog #6 Start noticing and living in the present
Okay, so I googled Living in the present. I was informed that if I am not living in the present I am living in an illusion.
(Illusion: a perception that represents what is perceived in a way different from the way it is in reality.)
So, am I living in the present?
I do not have a lot of worry about the things to come in my life. They may never occur because they are in the future.
The reality of my past was painful and taught me to realize that often we are the only ones responsible for ourselves, My first mother died when I was 4 after walking off and leaving us to pursue her particular addiction. I was 3 years old, my sister was 1. My second (adoptive) mother was 53 when she took us in to the family and when I was 14 she died.
For the most part I accept my life as it is now. Occasionally I will reminisce about some time in the past only for the pleasant memories it gives me.
I am always looking for ways to be more creative and responsible for my well being.
I meditate and pray and keep close to the source of all creation our Supreme creator, God. In doing this I am breathing and quieting my spirit noticing my being in this particular moment. At these moments I am just basking in the realization that I am a being alive in this moment and a part of the infinite universe created for our existence.(us humans)
I have developed another little trick to keep thoughts at bay when I want to be mindful of what it is that I have to do. Using a timer when I want to accomplish a task that I want to do will keep me in the here and now. I know that until the bell rings I am devoted to doing this particular task. My mind is not plagued with other thoughts because for this period of time I am focusing on finishing this task.
As for my problems with my relationship to food I am changing my thinking to a focus of creating challenges for myself. Encouraging myself with the idea that with moderation in the relationship one does not have to stress about the food aspect. I work on my challenges to drink more water, increase my exercise and change my eating to more healthy foods (more fruit and vegetables)..
Living in the present is possible. The focus may not be there every day but it is being created and developed day by day. Blessings, Myrna
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