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The windows of a cat's eyes......

Monday, December 24, 2012

We have all seen the commercials for the humane society asking you to save cats/dogs. They have been abused with violence and hungry. The eyes are haunting. They reach out to love them......

Those commercials break my heart like yours. They are hard to take.....mainly because you know they are true.

I have always felt good that we adopted the wild women....Shasta and Daisy. They are sisters and had such little human contact. It took a long time to win them over, but now we are indeed a family. I call them Wild Women most of the time...and for good reason. They aren't lap kitties by far, but they do love their own way and as time goes by, it has gotten better.

Just after husband came across another cat in need. He wanted to bring her home. I balked. "What is wrong with what we have?" , I asked. He have to see this kitten. She was in the dumpster and starving. She was way too thin with ribs showing. She purred and jumped in his arms...begging for help....for love.....

I felt heartless. I told him that we cannot save everyone. I am like an ostrich with my head in the sand...I cannot see you..therefore you cannot see me!

Greg brought her home anyways.....

I felt sorry for her...and we locked her up till she could go to the vet....which was the next day. That kitten turned out to be at least a year old...had at least one batch of kittens and ...starving. She also purred and looked at you ...just like the commercials. She wanted to be loved....accepted.....I could see the confusion in her eyes...the pain.

Our vet gave us a nice break on her shots and getting her fixed......and Greg named her Dusty. I made the joke we don't need a fourth named go with Shasta and Daisy.

It hasn't been easy. The wild women hissed and growled. I have never heard them do so before. They weren't as compassionate as we were.

Have to give Dusty credit. She just wanted to belong. She wanted to be apart of the girls..the family.

Took a lot of work on our part to make everyone feel loved and that there was indeed a spot for one more.

Dusty now knows her name....she looks up I am Dusty! She is so grateful for anything you give her...she treasures it....appreciates it...and looks at you I cannot believe you GAVE THIS TO ME! ME! That look in her eyes...of wanting to belong....crying for love is slowly being replaced with the look..the nudges of.....I like you too....thank you ........I am happy...I belong.

She knows a lot of english....she definitely had a home at one point in time. She now lets me pet her stomach.....which is a sure sign of trust. She has watched me do that to the wild women....and slowly.....and sparingly, she lets me do the same to her. When I stop...she grabs my hand to do more. She talks to me. She greets me.

Greg said we saved her. ....and yes....I do believe that is true....and yet....

we .....need her too.

The wild women are changing as well....they are more loving.....appreciative and not so expecting or demanding. They need us as well and not just each other.

I don't understand how someone could do this to Dusty....or any animal for that matter. I wished no pet that experience....that pain.....

Turns out.....we are the lucky ones....

Shasta and Daisy

and Dusty!

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