Alternative Medicine….HMMMM

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Well, I have decided to give ALTERNATIVE medicine a shot. I have been struggling with my Thyroid and traditional doctors for many years. My blood work shows NO issues, but the NODULES in my throat tell a very different story. Due to these conflicting results, I have been left to struggle with YO-YO weight gain, low energy, the whole NINE. I have managed the mood swings with SELF TALK and 5-HTTP on occassion, but that doesn’t ward off the low energy or the cyclical weight gain. Anyone who struggles with hypothyroidism can tell you; once your thyroid is out of whack, no amount of working out is going to stop the weight gain.

Someone told me, if you want different, you have to do different. So I will still be going to by primary care doctor on JUNE 6th for my normal physical, but then I am going to do a follow up visit with an Alternative Health Care Specialist. I am also interested in Thermography. Thermography can tell you if you have tumors in your breast years before self-breast exams or mammograms. Of course, none of this is covered by health insurance, but guess what? I am worth it!

Peace and Blessings Spark Friends
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