75 lbs. gotten rid of!!!!! :)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

So, today I weighed in at 259 lbs., 75 lbs from my highest weight!! In the last year, I have gained a health coach which has helped me tremendously! I am still doing so well with exercise, Tuesdays and Thursdays I am at the gym. Tuesdays I started (a few months ago) doing Bodycombat before my Bodypump class and on Thursdays I do Bodystep and Bodyflow so about 2 hours both days!! Saturdays I have been working out in my friend's backyard or sometimes at the gym! And I have been walking other days! I have also started using the food tracker atleast the last 6 months and it is so helpful!!

I have come so far in the last 4 years!!!!!
I really want to acknowledge myself! I am tracking my food daily! I am eating less! I am exercising! I have gotten rid of 75 lbs! I'm so different, than the person I was 4 years ago, I care about myself now!
I also want to acknowledge some people and things that got me here! My friend and health coach Crystal, who told me about Sparkpeople 4 years ago! Friends of mine from the More to Life Organization (especially Dreena, Briggy, Sue, Richard!) that held a course I took in 2009 that was a catalyst for my lifestyle change! Curves, the first place I joined and worked out! Two other friends named Crystal (yes THREE major Crystal's in my life!) one who convinced me to try a Zumba class at Riviera Fitness Center where the other Crystal who worked there at the time later talked to me and helped me decide to join! Since then, all the instructors at Riviera (especially Amber and Tiffany!) who have taught me so much including I'm strong!! Thank you to Life for all the events that got me where I am today!! And thank you to my husband Chris for suporting me all the way!!!!!

At this rate, I will be pregnant and posting baby pics before we know it! I'm so excited for the direction I'm heading!!

I know that I'm not on here everyday like I once was, but I am around! Reading blogs, reading daily Sparkpeople emails, tracking my food, exercising! If you need me I'm here!!
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