BLC 24

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Okay so Wednesday, January 15th is the start of BLC 24 and I'm just like the Pointer Sisters I'm so excited, I just can't hide it. Now there are a few things I did to prepare myself for the start of our big day.

I have a Pink Owl Notebook - Just like an owl I also need to be wise so I have this notebook to journal in, take notes and to keep track of info that's important to me (at 58my mind is just not what it use to be). Two pink ink pens, pink printing paper(found at Big Lots, everything else in pic was from Dollar Tree) and some white paper with a pink decorative border.

Because I am a visual person. I have some small stickers and foiled stars to reward myself when I do what I'm suppose to do. Then I have a small pink and black tote bag to keep all of my goodies and tools together. This bag is a lifesaver. Anything that I need will be in this bag.
(everything was found at Dollar Tree).

Here we have my fitness calendar for the entire 12 weeks. If I've accomplished my fitness goal for that day I will give myself a star, I will save the stickers for when we play Bingo or another weekend challenges. I also have a To Do List/Chore List or a Success Chart (found at Dollar Tree) and on this list I will list the things I want to accomplish daily and I will give myself a star. On this list will be things like Drink water, eat 5 Freggie, Track every bite, etc.

So I've got my Asics running shoes with the pink shoelaces and my Thorlo Experia pink, gray and white socks. I'm ready to get in several miles each week walking.

My BLC 24 Vision Board will keep me on track and inspire me to do the things that are necessary to meet and/or exceed my weight loss goal. I took this pic of my board even though it's not complete. I have to add our team's mantra and then it will be done.

Even though this is on my Vision Board I wanted to make sure you could read it. This was created by my good friend Rondadebi. I just tricked it out in pink, black and white.

Just in case you haven't already figured it out - I'm a member of the FBI - Fuchsia Beauties Incorporated. We're a team where our mantra is NO EXCUSES. We vow to Protect, Combat and Support.

By George I think I'm ready - I'm so excited I just can't hide it (again sung in my Pointer Sisters voice).

p.s. My next task is to work on clearing junk and trigger foods from cabinets and frig. Also organizing fitness equipment and creating a daily fitness plan.
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