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Assessing January Goals: I: Monthly

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I made a number of short-term goals for the month of January, both physical and all-over-wellness, and weekly as well as monthly.

As for the one-time goals for the month, even though the month was overshadowed by (now), TWO bouts of shingles (ouch!), I pushed myself hard to do what I could....perhaps a bit too much even---but I'm doing okay.

I did not make yoga once this month, BUT, yesterday, my older son and I went to Tai Chi (which met right after Beginner Yoga does). My son is committed to going to yoga once a week, so I'm sure to make it at *least* once in February (lawd willin' and the crik don't rise).

As for swimming, yes, I was able to go once this month with my sons, and had time to connect with my 17-year-old through swimming. Since then, I've also gone on my own a number of times while he's been at school. I feel like this should be upped to 2x / month with my son and then just swim for some of my personal YMCA time as well, for February.

Shingles got in the way of volunteering---both the orientation and then an actual volunteer session at Capital District Community Gardens. The Volunteer Coordinator said that she can get me in for an orientation one-to-one whenever I'm feeling up to it. I just need to calm my brain down and feel settled with some of my older son's activities and then I'll re-connect with her. I look forward to meeting *these* goals for February.

My hopes for sewing lessons got blindsided by my dear friend (my teacher) breaking her arm and getting surgery. This ice has been rather treacherous this winter, even when we're used to knowing how to deal with it. Post-surgery, I've been able to visit with her, and, after she's recovered a bit more, she very much wants to work on sewing lessons with me since she's homebound, stir-crazy, bored and ready to see people.

I think the monthly goals, given the context of the Polar Vortex and the sickness of shingles, worked out rather well, and that having both monthly and weekly goals are helpful. I'll revisit this for February emoticon

OH--I just remembered: I have been trying to find a healthy therapy connection, a counselor who meets my needs and connects well with me and my specific diagnosis. I had made it a goal for January to "make three phone calls"...which was rather random. However, because my list of referrals is long, I wrote a letter, photocopied it, and sent it out to forty professionals. The answers have been coming in the past two weeks. All but one is "no", but they all also tell me that they can search for referrals for me as well. After years of this being a HUGE issue for me (finding the right match), I've suddenly made very impressive (am I acknowledging what I did that was good??) strides. I've wanted a plumeria plant / tree for YEARS, and so for this hard work, I'm going to reward myself with ordering one (they don't arrive until March when it should be warmer). I feel negative toward myself in regard to not doing more....and yet..... this is very important progress. Just because I'm not THERE yet, doesn't mean that I haven't gone, say, 24 of the 26.2 miles of the marathon of finding someone helpful.

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