Today I Can

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Today I Can
by Catherine Pulsifer

Today I can choose to count your blessings
or I can count your troubles.
Today I can live each moment
or I can put in time.
Today I can take action towards your goals
or I can procrastinate.
Today I can plan for the future
or I can regret the past.

Today I can learn one new thing
or I can stay the same.
Today I can seek possibilities
or I can overwhelm yourself with the impossible.

Today I can continue to move forward
or I can quit.
Today I can take steps towards resolving your challenges
or I can procrastinate.

I see today the choices are up to me
in deciding what I do today.

This allows me to focus on what is in front of me and let the past be.

Have a great week

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