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About my mountion lion profile image

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

I have gotten a couple of inquiries re the mountain lion picture used as my profile image.

This picture was taken by my brother-in-law through the picture window of his study in March 2008 (about 6 months after retiring and moving to a mountain top home) in Bailey, Colorado. He said he was hoping to see a mountain lion in the region but did not expect to see one so close to his home (about 12 feet). Luckily he was able to snag his camera and take a picture before the animal disappeared. The sighting was reported in the Denver, Co newspapers.

After seeing this lion, my brother-in-law set up a state of the art critter camera of his own making (since photos taken by the critter cameras on the market lack the quality he desired). The critter cam and strobe lamps for night photography were triggered by motion detectors. Total equipment cost was around 7,000 dollars. He used this system to take pictures, over more than a 4 year span, of the numerous animals (skunks, raccoons, red, gray and silver foxes, mule deers, coyotes, bighorn rams, a fox and and a couple of skunks peacefully coexisting together, a black bear with two clubs, and a couple of more mountain lions, were the most notable) that traversed the path taken by the lion past his house.

The best photos including the above noted pictures and the original mountain lion photo were assembled together and were self published in a book (What's in Your Backyard?) through Costco, complete with a history, brief captions and the date and time taken. For more information email joem@wispertel.net.

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