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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Ok this is one bandwagon that I have to jump on. I myself have always had a problem with shows like The Biggest Loser but have to also admit that I still watch. Is it for some kind of perverse reasoning? ..maybe. Or is it because I know what the contestants are going through and feel their pain and want to see the "remarkable" transformations.

As someone that has personally lost over 100 lbs (yo-yoing up and down 10 lbs), I know how hard it was to find the healthier me. Let me tell you it didn't happen over night and it sure as hell did not happen in a few months. My journey has been a long hard road that has taken several years and to be honest I wouldn't have done it any other way. Sure I'm not rail thin and don't fit into a size zero nor do I want to. I am a healthy 140 lb woman with curves and strength that most people are begging for. I cherish every curve I have and have accepted the fact that certain parts of me are still there for a reason and will probably be a part of me forever...and that's ok.

My biggest concern with the results of the latest season is that it seems to me that the most recent winner Rachel Frederickson is way to thin. In my opinion she has lost the weight too fast, I don't see how she could have possibly gained the knowledge or received the proper tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Especially since she doesn't look healthy now. might I also add that it is said that the camera adds pounds. I applaud her for taking action to find the healthier her. I just worry it may not last.

Ok I know I shouldn’t judge but I would be remiss if I did not at least express my take on it especially since I have been in her shoes to a certain degree. There is a difference between being healthy and looking healthy. Not only physically but emotionally.

In the New York Daily News article (attached below) Rachel is quoted as saying:

"I followed the advice and the support of the medical team on ‘The Biggest Loser,’

Boy do I believe that. It just made me sad yet hopeful. I hope and pray that the medical team also advised her that dropping 59.6% of her body weight was drastic. I also hope and pray that if she has learned something and that she takes some time and reflect on what she did or didn’t do to get the win.

Just my thoughts. What do you all think?

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  • INSH8P
    I have my doubts about this contestant's long-term success. It really does take experience and time to adopt the skills that make waist maintenance happen. Mind you, I would love to have access to a place like the ranch.
    I love my family too much to need to leave them for that amount of time. So either way, I have stopped watching the BL show. There are too many reports of self-imposed fasting, over-exercise -- things that we all know don't work in real life. But I appreciate seeing this topic as a blog.
    Thanks Naté.
    emoticon - There's more to waist maintenance than the scale. Healthy habits, balance, adaptability makes it happen. That's my aim.
    2623 days ago
    Personally I think she was thin but I also think she may have dropped that way to ensure that she had a real shot at winning. Since she was up against 2 guys I think she over did it to make sure she had a chance. Perhaps in a few months we'll see her gain a little to level off her appearance...hopefully.
    2627 days ago
    I personally think losing that much is too much.
    Maybe if she had not done it so quickly.
    What is in her favor is that she is a former competitive swimmer.
    You don't see bodies like that unless wasted by disease, then followed by low carbing;and even then (there but for the grace of God go I)
    IMHO, Zoe Saldana came by her body naturally.

    At least the New York Post had a very flattering picture of her. But I tried to imagine her with my medical affliction, and my age, to get to (and I am NOT that picture, personally) the certain look, less flatteringly portrayed here:

    Before even seeing the picture in this link, though; I shook my head at that.
    2627 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/7/2014 6:58:58 AM
    I would have to agree with everything that you have all said. I pray that she is not Anorexic or has any other kind of eating disorder for that matter.
    I read a message that Dolvette posted on Facebook that pretty much said that he is not done with, that her journey is not over. So here's praying she gets the help and tools she deserves to have.
    2627 days ago
    I am a BL fan--have watched almost every season. It is an addiction I suppose :)
    My take on Rachel is that she was extremely competitive. I had no doubt early on in the season that she was a contender to win. I sincerely hope that she finds a happy, healthy medium. I personally thought she looked great before they left the ranch to go home before the finale. She was muscular and she seems frail and weak. I hope she gets the support she needs to get things figured thoughts have certainly been with her these past days.
    2627 days ago
  • CHERIJ16
    I hope she can find the spot where she is healthy and can maintain a healthy weight.
    2628 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14253479
    I am a strong intuitive and just watched this on CNN. 1)She's anorexic now. Being driven by fear of gaining weight runs her entire life. This is just as bad as being obese. 2)She's emotionally a wreck! She's barely hanging on to sanity. She's been in the spot light and is terrified of losing that glory.

    So, that's my synopsis.
    2628 days ago
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