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Moo, Baaa, Maaaa, Wha-huh?

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Out hiking with a group today, I stopped to tie my shoe and one of the male hikers went around me, continuing on the trail, but also making sure to say this to me:

"Bahhaahaaaaa" [use whatever inflections you like. it was meant as pleasant]

I did not understand, so in that understanding (not, 'repeat yourself'), I asked, "What?", with highly quizzical look on my face to go with the question.

He repeated the noise, as if to aid my understanding and that all made sense with that repetition.

I suppose because I didn't laugh and because I was wondering if this was a rude thing going on, he decided to explain himself: "You're the goat-farmer."

"Oh. Oh, yes." I wish I hadn't said "Yes", but the odd encounter threw me.
I would have liked to explain that:

1. I farm in terms of fruits and vegetables
2. I am not a goat farmer
a. My goats are all male and ...are also fixed.
b. I don't milk my goats, make goat-cheese or breed goats (see above, a.)

3. My goats are companion-goats, and are trained for hiking.

But most of all...
....if you have a dog and I know it,
do you want me to come up to you
and it be a wonderful inside joke between us?

(to have goats. it would be weird for me to bark at you...i ...think??.....)

It's different.

But it's okay to start a conversation: "how are your goats?" "what kind of goats are they?" "what do they eat?" "how did you train them?"

I understand that this man was socially awkward, but it's often the socially awkward who kind of, in a way, speak for everyone else who's polite (see: "MAMA SHE'S FAT!"). So feel free to ask questions. They're my therapy animals to me, since a dog was going to take forever to get approved, be a year+ process and expensive--I'd have to be on disability to qualify.

Note that my dear goats were not *on* this hiking outing, but that this particular man overheard me talking about my goats to someone else (who said, "SO YOU'RE THE GOAT-PERSON!") BTW, *that's* more than okay. If *you're* a "dog person"...sure, I'm a goat-person, even perhaps THE goat-person...

Imma really gonna have to start
"The Snack Brothers"
for Snicker, Doodle and NutterButter.....
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Hi!! Remember me :) Goats!!! How awesome :)
    2231 days ago
    I'm sure he didn't mean anything disrespectful, he was most likely just joking around and being silly. People get that way when they're out enjoying a hike! You could ask him if he has animals, and bark or meow at him on the next outing. Maybe not, that could be awkward! lol! Enjoy your hiking group anyway!
    2542 days ago
    Well that was certainly a different way to interact with another! Wow!

    Can't wait to see pictures of Snicker and Doodle.
    2543 days ago
    It's not a matter of better companions in terms of gender; it's who gets eaten normally. So....male goats are usually only raised for procreating with females, ...being eaten... or being someone's pet. That's it. Bottom line. Because of that, males are often considered "rescues".

    One of our goats, NutterButter, was from a farm that raises goats to sell, and for the females to produce milk (and milk products). They know their trade and keep things impeccably clean and healthy--it felt great just to visit there.

    The other two goats we have, Snicker and Doodle, came from an animal rescue--the woman who runs the business is clearly overworked with this as a kind of 2nd full-time job. She vets her animals herself, and works hard to find safe homes for every kind of throwaway animal she finds...while having a paid full-time job as well.

    However, Snicker and Doodle were born on the farm / rescue center, and cared for there for the few months before we adopted them.

    The places we adopted from have very different philosophies and ways to go about things, but I have found in talking to others who have goats that there are at least as many different opinions about how to raise a goat, as there are goat-lovers.

    ie, When to wean...

    Whether to 'disbud'--some burn the horns off soon after birth

    What the goats should be fed--"only hay" (plus their minerals) says one person...

    When they should be 'fixed'...

    oh, i went on past your actual question emoticon emoticon
    2543 days ago
    Are male goats better companions than female? I don't have much experience with goats, so I really am curious, and interested.
    2543 days ago
    Yes! I have to work on getting pics of the three of them *out there* emoticon

    (still on the camera SD card....)
    2543 days ago
    Would love to see a picture of your goat!
    2543 days ago
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