Monday, February 17, 2014

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My Dearest Mary,
Oh how I love you. Let me count the ways. You're conscientious, family oriented, you have a loving heart. You always take others and their feelings into account. You live your life to the fullest and always try to treat people the way you want to be treated. You are confident and a go-getter. You won't turn your back and allow someone to be mistreated on your watch. On the other hand you also won't allow anyone to disrespect or mistreat you. You have a good head on your shoulders.

You have overcame obstacles and still you have prevailed. You're getting older but there's still a lot of fight still left in you. You're a Christian and you take your faith very seriously. You are also fun and love friendly competition. You love family gatherings so you're always willing to host and cook for them. You're honest and trustworthy. You're a team player and are generous with what you have.

Now Mary the reason why I'm writing this letter to you and singing your praises, it's because there is an area in which you are relaxed in. I know you know what it is but just to make sure we're on the same wavelength I will make it plain. Mary you have got to step up your game concerning your health. I know, yes you have lost some weight and you did gain some of it back, but the weight is not the only issue. I need you to work harder on getting the weight off and not celebrating when you do with foods that got you there is the first place. I want you to decide to make a permanent lifestyle change. I want you to work on losing the rest of the weight you need to lose but also to implement a diet and fitness program that will allow you to maintain it once you hit goal. I know you can do it.

You know I love you. You are a part of me. I know you inside and out and I want you to be the healthiest Mary you can be so that's why I wrote you this love letter.

p.s. Mary just know that I'm with you 100% through thick and thin.

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