How Fast Do You Eat?

Monday, March 03, 2014

I'm trying to put considerable effort into eating slower. How many seconds should I wait between bites? How long should it take a person to consume one meal?

Bob's Red Mill High Fiber Oat-bran cooked with pure pumpkin and a fresh apple, topped with blueberries, chopped prunes, ground flax, Bragg's Nutritional Yeast, and pumpkin pie spice
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  • OOLALA53
    Breakfast is faster for me because it's simpler and less food usually, although if I take it in the car--yes, I do- I can spread it out over 20 minutes.

    A researcher said to divide the plate into four quarters and aim to spend a minimum of five minutes on each quarter.

    I aim for at least 30 minutes for lunch and dinner, longer for dinner if I take a break between most of the dinner and a fruit at the end.

    Hope you are doing well! And that your silence means you realize you've got this down and are busy with the rest of your life! emoticon
    1903 days ago
    I used to eat "fast" but not crazy. emoticon Now that I am married and live with a man who eats everything like it's going to be taken from him (his big brothers and short lunch breaks at work contribute to this), I have found that I am a MUCH faster eater when around him. emoticon
    I have started trying to be mindful. Laying the fork DOWN in between bites when I can remember. And taking a second bite only when the first is fully chewed and swallowed. emoticon

    it helps! Good luck :)
    2323 days ago
    2396 days ago
  • KARENE10
    I eat really fast. I a sure that is part of my problem. Your breakfast looks SO healthy emoticon
    2525 days ago
    I gulp my food down WAY too fast, and yes, it often results in me eating more than I should
    2533 days ago
    WOW ... can you share your breakfast recipe. Looks great. S L O W down and enjoy life and what your eat.
    2538 days ago
  • STODD251
    I grew up in a household where everyone ate really fast, and you had to finish all the food on your plate. So, one of the things I've really been trying to do lately is eat more slowly and be more cognizant of when I am full and actually stop eating when I am full. I think eating slowly is definitely in your best interest, but I've never gotten into measuring time between bites or anything like that.
    2555 days ago
    I am all over the place with my time eating. I am usually the last one done.

    I do try to chew slowly, but have found that focusing on how many chews, etc. is un-enjoyable and just too OCD . . . a compulsion I sometimes fight with. So, I just
    try to approach eating while I am somewhat calm. If my body says I MUST eat while stressed I keep it simple, small and slow . . . an orange or banana maybe.

    Sometimes when I am super stressed, I gulp too much food---my solution is to
    calm down, relax, and approach a meal when I can enjoy it. If it isn't convenient
    to others to wait on me, I excuse myself somehow or just take in their company
    have a cup of tea or something.

    I remember when I was growing up my mom would have her dinner eaten before my
    own plate was prepared. I don't know if she chewed or not, but sometimes it
    sure didn't seem that way. She said it was a result of her childhood during the
    depression with lots of kids in the house and little food . . . if you ate fast, you might get seconds!

    Funny, how our environment and our temperament also affects our approach to food. Thankfully, we now have education to help us develop a better understanding.

    2561 days ago
  • LIS193
    I like my hot food hot, so I tend to eat faster than I should..
    2561 days ago
  • TECH1960PS
    I eat way to fast, growing up we were not allowed to talk at the Dinner table and were always told not to let our food get cold, so it went down the hatch quick.
    I have tried mindful eating and it has worked to a certain extent but I have to continue to remind myself to slow down !! emoticon
    2561 days ago
    From the time I was young 30 min to eat a meal and 15 min to talk after the meal talking with family. This also was true for swimming except it was 30 min wait time after eating.
    2561 days ago
    Funny to read this blog today, as last night I remembered something I read about "savoring" and tried to chew my first piece of (homemade) pizza really, really slowly to enjoy the flavors and hopefully get full before eating too much. Unfortunately after the first one it didn't work and I ate three more (whoops) without thinking. Mindfulness is a great exercise to try to get in the habit of and I will try to practice it more! emoticon
    2561 days ago
    I try to take as long as I can. I thought I had read somewhere it takes the body 20 minutes to signal that it is full. So the slower I eat the less tempted I am to keep eating until my brain receives the signal
    2562 days ago
    I am always the last one done eating. I chew each bite of food about 30X & put my fork or spoon down between each bite. These are weight loss tips I learned many many years ago at WW. It takes allot of conscience effort & it does work.
    2562 days ago
    Does not take me nearly long enough!! But I've been working on slowing down as well!!
    2562 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949

    Growing up it was a family rule that all 7 of us stayed at the table until everyone was finished. My Dad suffered with a hiatal hernia which demanded SLOW eating, setting the place for the rest of us.

    My last 8-1/2 years full-time employment was spent with long hours of shift work, with a 30-minute meal break (10 minutes to dining area, 10 minutes to eat, 10 minutes to return to work area). I often had a stomach ache from wolfing down my food.

    Still eat too fast! Thanks for reminder to work on this.
    2562 days ago
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