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Carb cycling/exercise program:nutrition

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Shaun Hadsall has a 14 day strategic weight-loss plan with carb-depletion diet & cardio days 1,3,5, 8,10,12; carb-included diet & body-weight or resistance-training days 2,4,6, 9,11,13 and "Cheat" days 7,14; after which, you follow a 8 week carb cycling plan formerly designed by Wendy Chant to avoid plateaus.

On depletion days you will not consume starches (potatoes, rice, beans, corn, bread, flour, cereal, peas etc) or fruits. Protein is to be consumed with each meal (selected from eggs, cottage cheese(limited to one serving in a day), beef, turkey, chicken breast, fish or low temperature processed protein powder). The whole vegetables, (minimally cooked, preferably steamed) on depletion days are chosen to limit carbs to less than 26 grams/day. The vegetables (grams of carb per one cup serving noted in "()") are selected from asparagus(2), broccoli(4), cucumber(0), lettuce(0), cabbage(1), cauliflower(3), spinach(1), radishes(0), celery(0), mushrooms(1), green beans(7), peppers(3), and arugula(1). I do not have the carb amounts for tomatoes, squash, or zucchini and they are preferably left out in week one for maximum results. Fat or oil is limited to 2-3 oz cheese, 2-3 egg yolks, or one tablespoon oil (Krill, fish oil, sesame oil, butter, coconut oil, cream. Avoid seeds, nuts,nut butters, and avocado on depletion days as they contain too many hidden calories. Watch for hidden sugars and carb content in condiments. Try to avoid combining carbs with fats.

On carb included days Greek (low or no sugar or any fruit added) Yogurt may be added to the list of acceptable proteins. Avoid processed carbs. You may have starches (potatoes, peas, rice, beans, corn, acorn or butternut squash), and one serving of fresh whole fruit (men 1 to 1.5 cups, women 0.5 to 1 cup) within one to three hours after exercise on carb included days. No fruit juices. Limit fats in any meal containing starchy carbs or fruits. There should be two servings of greens such as peas spinach and collard greens on carb included days. Additional condiments on carb up days are sea salt, horseradish, no/low calorie all natural sweeteners, pepper, vinegar, ketchup and garlic. Avoid sugar. Avoid agave nectar unless it is 100% raw since the processing destroys the health benefits and increases the bad sugars.

On the "Cheat" days, have your favorite breakfast as meal 1, have a low carb nutrition shake with a piece of fruit as meal 2, have a burger or sub sandwich with a small bag of chips as meal 3, and have your favorite protein and starchy cheat foods with a small serving of desert as meal 4 etc. Avoid high fructose corn syrup, deep-fried foods and empty sweets like candy. Stick to things like pizza, lasagna, steak, ice cream or cheesecake. Don't binge or stuff yourself.

Each day, space your meals at least 3.5 to 4 hours apart. Four to five meals are recommended.

Exercise is an important part of this plan, even on "spurge" days and will be covered in a separate blog.
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