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I'm back!!!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Finally a little bit of a break before I start in again. The celebration of Jeff's life went very well. His mom had me in tears more than once before the day arrived and they actually showed up. I kind of kept my distance most of the time because I did not want anything to start up because I knew if it did I would blow. You would all have been so proud of me for the way I handled the situation. I will probably never hear from them again although I do have to call and get a couple of addresses, We, my one brother and I have are still trying to get all the legal issues resolved. According to the paperwork we have here, we have been paying mortgage insurance on the house each month. If that is true, the house may indeed be paid off which will be a big relief. Since we don't know my brother wants to have an appraiser come and appraise the property. There is so much to do before that can be done.
Yesterday the kids came and helped go through things in the garage. Today I got it swept and loaded up stuff to be delivered to the different ones of them tomorrow evening. Tomorrow morning two of my brothers are coming to load up the stuff that needs to be gotten rid of into a pick up and get it out of here. I will move some things around and then start putting my truck in the garage. I just looked out and all the trash we had put out yesterday is now gone. I will go out in a bit and get the cans and check the mail.
I have a few things to do on my list after my brothers leave tomorrow . Once those are done I will be taking thing to Michael, Paulina, and Peg. I will be spending the night with Peg and taking her to the pain clinic for shots on Wed morning. Once I get her back home, I will be bringing my puppy dogs home with me and starting back in again. Once the humidity lets up a little I will have to mow the lawn again. Can't do that on my to do list as I don't know when that will be. Whenever it does, I will work it in.
Time for me to now say God bless each and everyone of you.
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