4th Festivities

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Had a wonderful holiday weekend. The weather has been terrific, if a bit cooler than normal, and my daughter came home for a visit. Here's a shot of us with my mother - three generations ("of awesome," according to a Facebook comment haha).

Whenever she comes to town, my daughter has a lot of people she tries to see, so we didn't spend all day of the 4th together. Hubby and I visited his parents and enjoyed a BBQ and fireworks with them and with his sister and her family.

It was cold!

On Saturday, Hubby and I and my daughter and her beau spent some time in the Baltimore harbor area. It was a gorgeous day! ( We took so photos but they are too large to load. ) We had a terrific and healthy dinner and a decadent dessert. I also got a workout in each morning.

I'm heading out to Chicago to visit my daughter in two weeks, so I wasn't terribly sad when we took her and her boyfriend to the airport this morning.

Today is another beautiful day and I'll be taking a walk soon. Hope you all had a great weekend too!

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