Great idea from my kettlebell circuit class

Friday, July 11, 2014

Today we did a variety of exercises based on a deck of cards. I really enjoyed the surprise of it - not knowing what would be next - and then the thought hit me that I could do the same thing at home, as could you, my spark friends. You would need a timer for face cards. Here's how we did it today, but you could change the types of exercises around:

Face cards - 30 seconds of calisthenics (the leader gave us burpees, mountain climbers and jump rope to choose from)

Aces - 30 kettlebell swings or 15 medicine ball slams (these are full body weight bearing options)

Diamonds - 3 ab options

Spades - swings (legs)

Clubs - presses; military or push ups OK (shoulders/chest)

Hearts - Rows (back)

You do as many reps for the suits as the number on the card.

The time flew by! emoticon

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