Whirlwind Wedding Week!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Wow...whose idea was it to smash Christmas and a wedding together? Talk about CRAZY BUSY! I will be sharing a lot of photos today, but you can thank your lucky stars a photo of my living room is not included. Haha.

Christmas was lovely. Spent some wonderful time with all members of our family and with our kids. Then, immediately following the holiday, we were in full wedding mode.

Here are a couple personal photos from the wedding day that friends, family and I took before the actual event:

Little Studs

Minutes Before - So Nervous!

I was SUPER nervous, because we wrote our own vows, as well as our own verbiage for the exchange of rings and the thought of saying such personal and vulnerable things in front of a bunch of people had me a little panicked. But, when I walked out (my 6 yr old son walked the aisle with me and gave me away), I realized the crowd was SO SMALL (about 40 people) and it was everyone I loved and trusted more than anyone in the world...and then my nervousness sort of dissipated. And, once I had Todd's hand in mine, everything was right with the world.

The place was just GORGEOUS! Our wedding planner did such an amazing job! I never imagined there would be so many roses, or that I'd be married to candlelight. You know, we pretty much just put a few thousand bucks in her hand last year and said, "OK, make it awesome. We trust you. Our colors are red, black and silver."

We also had a great photographer, who is a friend of ours just launching his business. We were his first wedding. This guy surprised us and showed up with a ton of stuff for a pop-up Photo Booth with unlimited prints on the spot for guests to take home as souvenirs. So far, the only professional photos we have back are the Photo Booth images, but we should receive more this week (of course, I'll post my favs here when I get them). For now, here are a few of my favorite from the Photo Booth (or, as I like to call it, Leah & Todd Theme Park - don't they look like Disney World photos??? Haha):

My bridesmaids (daughter and sister)

Sister and Niece


Sister, Soon to be Sister-In-Law, & Niece

Cute Flower Girl

My beautiful firstborn

Mom & Her Girls

Newly Siblinged

These two are nearly inseparable

My precious baby

All our kids, bookended by a niece and sister. BRADY BUNCH!

Both ceremony and reception went by in a blur, but everything was lovely. Our wedding planner surprised us with the keys to the Bridal Suite at the local historic Showers Inn Bed & Breakfast. So, we got to go from the wedding to the B&B and spend an entire night in luxury. They had the warmest atmosphere, fresh baked cookies upon arrival, the softest bed known to man, and a spectacular brunch the next morning. It was just PERFECT!!!!

I had to return to work today, but yesterday was the most intimate, sweetest day. I didn't know it was possible for Todd and I to feel any closer than we already did...but something magical shifted and our love has become even deeper. I really can't explain it. I just know I'm the luckiest woman on earth and I can't believe I have such an amazing partner for life.

We will take a "real" honeymoon in a few weeks when we cruise the Eastern Carribean. I'm really looking forward to that. For now, I'm kind of still basking in this euphoria and afterglow of so much love.

Eeeep! You guys! I'm Mrs. Leah Mullins! I've only been doodling this in my notebooks since I was 16. CRAZY!

A perfect day. A perfect love. A perfect happy ending...and beginning.
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