Starting over - not quite, but that is how it feels!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

It has been more than a year since major stress hit my life, and workouts came to a halt. I tried to get back into them again a few months ago, and started doing ok with that, but my eating was still out of control, and so while I didn't gain for a while, the weight wouldn't come off. Now I have changed jobs, and I am finding even less time for working out and tracking food. That has to stop.

I found out that there is a workout room in my new work building. I am commuting further, and riding mass transit now, so commute time is longer, but I can build my own schedule more than I could with the old job. My goal is to get back into the gym, start running again, maybe even get some weight work in.

Wait!! Hold it right there!!! I need a goal that is attainable and MEASURABLE.

I am setting a goal now to get into the workout room 3 times this week for at least a 45 minute workout.

I will post another blog next weekend to try to make sure I am holding myself accountable.
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