Snovember NY Storm Pics

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

In November we had a crazy snow storm. We were stuck home for like 6 days. Thankfully I took the warning seriously and had over a weeks worth of food and supplies so we never had to worry about anything....just some cabin fever!

This is me standing on about a two feet of snow. I'm 5'5.

This was my street. My car is parked on the right hand side. You can't see it because the snow is higher than my car.

An abandoned car in the street near me. It got stuck when the storm first started and couldn't see or move.

My husband and daughter

There was a lady in distress down my street so they had to take a snowmobile to get to her. But the snowmobile driver didn't see my car parked under the snow and he ran over it.

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