The year of the 5ks!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

OK, so I've decided to make 2015 the year of 5ks when it comes to running. I was ready to run an 8.1 miler or possibly a half marathon at the end of March, but realized I have so much to focus on first.

For example, the 20 lbs I gained slowly over the past 7 months.

For another example, the pain I was in last May at the end of my half marathon. Wear I swore I would never do that again - even though by the next day I was like "I'd totally do that again!". I was in serious pain...we all know how that can make us say things we don't mean. Like when you're in labor and you're like "I'm NEVER having another baby". I have four children, so don't count me out on another 1/2 marathon, LOL!

But most of all, I want to make this year about taking control of every aspect of my health. I was talking to a friend recently and reflecting on my years here on Spark. I had my 5 year Sparkaversary back in October.

There was the journey where I cut back on calories and walked daily. That worked, but it never really stuck.
Then there was the journey where I cut out sugar, but didn't really work out much. Still worked, lost weight, down to 159. But I was a bit flabby.
Then there was last year, where I kinda watched my food intake, but mostly just put in a lot of miles while training for the 1/2.

Now I want to do that all. I already cut out the sugar 14 days ago. I've also been running, anticipating my first races in March. The last 5 days I've really put focus on ST, something I've definitely been bad about. I don't know why, because any time I finish a good ST session I always feel so strong. It's like one of the best feelings I get.

Anyway, see what I'm getting at here? I'm finally getting it ALL put together. I'm down 8 lbs, I'm happy, and although not much has changed yet with my physical appearance, I'm feeling sexy. And yes, that's what I'm going for. While I will watch the number on the scale as one way to measure success, it will not define me or what I am doing.

So, back to the year of 5ks...that's all I'm committing to running this year. With a goal of running each one just a little better, even if by a second. I know that each 5k will bring a different challenge...hills vs. flat (though there isn't much flat in Pittsburgh), cold vs. warm, etc.

On a personal front, things are going pretty well. This year has to be better than last year, I'm determined to make it that way. Not that last year was a total loss, I did after all run my first 1/2 marathon and graduate college!

I'm still very emotional, but it's hard not to be. My baby girl just turned 2 last week. It's went so fast. Knowing she's my last baby, I'm in no hurry for her to grow up! Especially when my other baby girl is turning 18 next month and graduating HS in a few months!! And she has no desire to stay in Pittsburgh to go to college. I know it will be good for her to be a little further from home..out on her own...doing some growing up, but that doesn't make it any easier.

Alright, I'll quit rambling for now :-)

Hugs to you all...especially my long time pals who continue to support me even with my lack of constant participation on this site! And thanks to the newbies who have added me in recent months..I assume from reading when I was the motivator of the day...I will be that again, not by a SP reward, but by being more active on here and supporting you all right back!
Love you all!!

P.S. I've never run a 5k!! LOL!
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    My goal is to run a 5k a month this year, so I'm right with you. LOL my next one is actually a "virtual" one...never done that before.

    and I hear you about the baby. My Kate is also graduationg in a few months and either moving to Georgia or So Cal....My oldest is in KCMO with plans to travel the world and my BABY is 16 smdh


    it'll all come together, Beth. We'll find that balance. LOL Now let's go do this thingie
    2220 days ago
    Good luck Beth, you can do it. And it's good to see so much more of you here.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2221 days ago
  • SHRINK71
    I totally hear you - and I needed to read this blog this morning. Having kind of a blah day... Pounds not coming off etc. Doing everything right... yada yada yada.
    Somehow what you wrote - specifically your focus on health - was what I needed to hear.
    I am going to continue doing what I'm doing because it feels good!
    I know I am living a very healthy lifestyle.
    If the pounds come off that would be great, but I have to stop getting to a point where I lose sight of the greater goal and only focus on the number.
    YOU, my dear, are fantastic!
    2221 days ago
    You are going to rock this year!!
    2221 days ago
    Love this!
    2221 days ago
    You can do it ,you are amazing all the things you do plus the children!The pounds will come off !
    2221 days ago
    You got this! Pounds come and go but SP friendships are forever.
    2221 days ago
    Great going Beth, taking the bull by the horns and moving forward!!! Way to go rock star!!! I can't believe Carly is already 2! I'm going to get out of this "seasonal" funk I have been in and keep moving forward with you!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon together!!!

    emoticon emoticon
    2221 days ago
    I think you deserve the SP motivator award more than ever! And I'm so happy for you, Beth! You're finding balance and that's a big secret in the health and fitness game!
    As for the emotional part, I can understand how difficult everything is. And you should congratulate yourself for not letting this get in the way of your fitness goals. And remind me how to do it because I seem to have forgotten lately... (sigh)
    I was really happy to read a blog from you. I'd missed you on SP!
    2222 days ago
    OMG...2 years old?!?!? I remember when you were pregnant with her! Gosh time flys.

    You got this girl. If anyone can do it, it's you. But you do rock at most things! Keep up the awesome work and great job at staying away from sugar. Evil delicious sugar....

    Have a good one Beth!
    2222 days ago
    Awesome....sounds great !
    2222 days ago
  • MSHEL7
    You've run a marathon but not a 5k? Silly girl, I think you have this backwards!! emoticon You are going to rock your 5K's and I can't wait to hear about each and every one of them. Have a great year, keep the enthusiasm going!

    I won't comment on the kids, I hear ya though.
    2222 days ago
    2222 days ago
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