Eastern Caribbean Honeymoon!

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Mr. T and I just returned from the most perfect honeymoon of all time, a 7-day Carnival cruise in the Eastern Caribbean! Neither of us has ever experienced such a wonderful vacation. We got along so well and woke early every morning to spend the entire day exploring and walking and tasting and experiencing every moment we could together. I think we saw the inside of our stateroom maybe 1 hour per day (aside from sleeping, obviously). There was SO much to do on the ship and at port. We went through an entire bottle of sunscreen before it was all said and done. Never got tired, never wanted to stop. It's so nice to have a partner that is RIGHT THERE WITH ME...and isn't complaining about the sun or wanting to go sleep all day in the cabin. God, we've both been there in the past. Such a joy killer. I took my SparkTracker with me and couldn't wait to go home and check how many steps we took. All in all, for the week, we racked up 47,000 steps! Not too shabby, considering we were on vacation. One of those days was the Orlando Premium Outlet mall...that day...we walked over 11,000 steps (close to 5 miles). Yikes!

Here are some photos to highlight the week:

The lovely Carnival Sunshine

Aaaaahhh, 7 days together alone, completely disconnected from the world!

We stopped in Nassau, Bahamas first.

Obviously, we had to buy this shirt. LOL. (not really)

Next port of call was St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. The first time we saw it, it was breathtaking!

This was pretty far south and definitely far from home!

We spent most of the day on a champagne catamaran that took us to St. John, where we could snorkel. We snorkeled for a couple hours and swam all the way to the beach. It was lovely. Then, sailed back to port at sunset. Perfect day in every way.

We spent a full day in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This place was just gorgeous!

We took a full tour of the island first, then spent the rest of the day walking and checking things out on foot, until we found an out of the way little pub that made the freshest, most delicious pina colada I've ever tasted!

Finally, we stopped in Grand Turk, Turks & Caicos Islands. The water was so blue. We literally did nothing here....laid in beach loungers under the swaying palm trees and fell asleep with the warmth of the sun on our skin. HEAVENLY.

It was nothing short of magical. But it is great to be home, too. To be with our kids. To be back in the office and back to work, even. We just love Bloomington. While it's nice to get away every so often, it's not so bad being here all the time. We have a great life. We are happier than most people and, therefore, we are content in all circumstances. Life is so good.

This week, I will officially change my last name. Something I dreamed about when I was 16...I must have written the name a thousand times in high school. My husband is VERY feminist and has told me so many times that I shouldn't feel like i have to change it and that I can keep my current name (why would I keep my ex's name for any reason other than to have the same name as my children?) or even go back to my maiden name (that just seems weird...like going backwards in life. I am a completely different, GROWN UP woman now...I'm not Leah Truitt anymore. I'm not going back to being a child, you know?) I have assured him that it is not out of obligation, but out of sheer joy that I take his name. It is an honor to belong to a man like him. A hard worker, kind, beyond romantic and so supportive of everything I am and wish to become. I just pray I can be worthy of his family name...it's a precious gift.

Now that we are back in the swing of things, we are looking toward healthier ways again. More scheduled workouts together on kid free weeks and we completely stocked the fridge with produce last night so we are ready for some delicious home cooked meals! Yay!
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