Walking and more walking

Sunday, April 12, 2015

I found this picture today on Facebook.

Walking is my primary exercise. Last week, I shared a picture of my walking buddy. Well, Chance and I stepped up our walk on Saturday. We did 31 minutes and 1.60 miles. We are working our way to 2 miles. My day then got busier. I went to my part-time EMT job. We had a fish fry last night. I spent most of my night walking back and forth from the firehouse to the fry room in our carnival building. The 2 buildings aren't that far from each other but I did the trip many times. I ended my night with 15,394 steps. I was tried last night when I went to bed.

Today I walked by myself. Chance was at my parent's house as my brother worked last night and was going away today. My brother didn't want him to be alone for that long. I walked 33 minutes and 1.70 miles. I'll be up to 2 miles this week. Today, I'm ending the day with 12,893 steps.

While I walk to shed pounds, I also walk to clear my head and feel alive. I enjoy finding beauty in my walks. I tend to walk the same route each day but I also vary it some. I see something new each day. This morning, it was daffodils blooming. Tomorrow will bring something new.

Get up and move! Feel Alive and love yourself!
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