Rise above it!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

I found this picture this afternoon.

Rise above it!

Negativity--It can come from anywhere. It can come from yourself, family or friends. Rise above it! Self-negativity can be just as harmful as negativity from family and friends.

Doubt--We are our biggest doubters. We need to believe in ourselves.

Fear--Fear of failing, fear of starting, fear of never getting the results you want. You need to move past it. I could go on with my list of fears that we each have.

Criticism--In addition to being our biggest doubters, we are also our biggest critics. Stop the criticism and love yourself.

Gossip--Nothing ever good comes from it. It just spreads ugly rumors and causes hurt.

Envy--An ugly green monster that we can all have. We look at "skinny" people and think why can't I look like them.

Judgement--We pass judgement on ourselves. We pass judgement on others when we don't know their situation.

Indifference--This one is hard to realize is happening. One day you will just stop caring.

Insults--We put ourselves down. We let others put ourselves down.

Lying--We can lie to ourselves and others.

Insecurity--Not feeling secure about ourselves can hurt us.

Rise above it! All of these are harmful to us in one way or another. Don't let them stop you from becoming the best you. Love yourself so much that you want so much more. Rise above these and become so much more.

Rise above it!
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