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Doing what I never thought I would be able to do

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Yes I love lifting weights. My wrists are not strong due to the nerve damage from CTS but over the years I have modifying and training to make them as strong as I am able to make them. I've increased my fitness and abilities since my accident in 2007 and am loving the results. But there was always that fear that I would not be strong enough to lift heavier weights. Heavier weights meant more muscle and higher metabolism (and body reshape!) so I vowed to try to do as heavy as I was able to.

Fast forward to the past year where I got a personal trainer at the Y (yes, that same Emilee that I wrote about in my previous blog) and she helped me to realize that I was stronger than I had thought-which I am still grateful for. Last time she had me do those plie squats with a 50lb dumbbell (GRRRRRRR) that I felt that DOMS afterwards....but on Thursday this maniac had me do them with a 55 lb dumbbell! I cringed, rolled my eyes and asked why? "Because I said so!"

I did 8 reps with that heavy weight....after I had done 2 sets of 10 with the 50. And I was still able to do bridges, deadlifts and split lunges afterwards...and even ran outside later that day without feeling completely worn out. I am still amazed at myself for doing this-self doubt is not going to be welcomed in my world from now on!
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