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1/3/16 New Year Check-in

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Hey guys. Long time no blog. Sorry about that. Before I forget to mention because I've only told one of my spark teams that it happened, hubby and I moved to Vegas! Woo! It's been a difficult adjustment. Especially for me. But it's been a good one too. I feel less stuck than I used to and I feel like things are finally moving again. So yeah, we moved. And we're planning on getting ready to start trying to start a family, too. While simultaneously losing weight. I'm tired of waiting for "tomorrow" because tomorrow really doesn't ever come for me. I might as well just do all of it at once. It's not like I haven't made SOME progress anyway.

I went ahead and did measurements this morning. I didn't want to, but I went ahead and made myself since I haven't since July and was pleasantly surprised by some of the changes that have come. Not a lot, but progress is progress. So I'll share that and the differences and I'll be on my way. I'm really tired today. Tons of errand running and cooking for the week and stuff. Hubby and I are going a week sugar free to kick the habit, so I was getting ready for that one.

Weight: 308 (-12 lbs) Waist: 54.5 (-.5) Hips: 54.5 (-3.5) Neck: 16.5 (0) Chest: 51 (-2) Upper Arm: 19 (-1) Forearm: (0) Thigh: 30.5 (-1.75) Calf: 20 (-.5) BMI: 53.0 (-2.0) Body Fat %: 68.6% (-3.5%)

And some pictures since I'm making myself take pictures. I don't know if there's a noticeable difference yet. I haven't really looked. But one thing is is that my shirt is the same. Not on purpose. Just a really funny coincidence.

July 2015 front:

January 2016 front:

July 2015 side:

January 2016 side:
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