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Tired of my Feast or Famine lifestyle

Saturday, January 23, 2016

I have lived with either being on a "diet" or off a "diet" for too many years. I either and being "good" in what I eat and how often I exercise, or I am being "bad". There never seems to be a middle ground. I know so much about living a healthy lifestyle. I have been "studying" it for years. I know all the tips, tricks, proper ways, etc. I just can't seem to stick to it! I keep starting and stopping. When I am in the zone, it is easy. I can go for weeks or months with sticking to my calorie goals and exercising. I will walk during my breaks at work and go to the gym, but then something happens, It can be just one little trigger, and I go off. It is no longer easy. Then I get into the mind frame of eating what I want, how much I want, and when I want. I stop exercising. I spend to much time playing games on my laptop.
My weight has been within a 30 pound variation many times since I was in my 20's. I have been Lifetime on Weight Watchers three times.
I wish knew how to once and for all lose the weight, get into a regular exercise program and stick with it. For now I just keep trying.
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    Ditto - what you and others have said. Whenever i got down to a reasonable weight, I caught myself thinking I was done. Like you, I went back to my old habits. Recently I've been trying to adopt the lifestyle mentality and letting go of the good/bad restrictive diet one. So far it is comfortable. A few treats but no binges. Slow but steady weight loss. All I can say is we just have to keep trying.
    1365 days ago
    I can totally relate to this. Unfortunately right now, in spite of being in the middle of a 5% challenge, my head space (motivation) is NOT where it needs to be. But I'm not giving up....just gotta get it together!
    1437 days ago
  • 4182016
    I totally get you. Been on this thing for ages and could probably write a book or two. I think that once I get off a certain mentality of how things are supposed to work and just do the best I can, knowing that there will always be days that i won't be able to live up to my idea of what 'perfect' is ... then I'll be ok. Best wishes.

    1661 days ago

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    I am in the same boat - you are not alone!
    1731 days ago
    I think that most of us can identify with exactly what you have written in your blog. You are still here though, and still trying. It's when you give up completely that the worry should set in. Do you have a buddy that you could be on this journey with? Sometimes it helps to be able to compare notes and encourage each other and just touch base. It might be worth a try.
    We are here for you..............
    1731 days ago
    Gosh, Gayle, if we all weren't struggling, we wouldn't be here at SP!!! Yeah, that's most of our stories. No easy clue, no miracle diet, no magic pill. The worst part is that it's all in our hands. As I read earlier today, we have to learn to enjoy this journey, the situation you describe. Embrace it and love it and keep trying to do things better. There are many theories out there you might want to check, Dr. Susan Pierce Thompson, The Beck Diet Solution, etc. I do not endorse any of them nor follow them though I've read a lot about them. But who knows, maybe there's something there that might help you.
    1731 days ago
  • VALSPARK2013
    You just explained in a nut shell what most of us go through. I could have written that myself, because it describes me to a T! We know what we need to do, but to actually do it and stick with it, is a challenge! On my 1200 calorie a day commitment, I try to find filling foods that are lower in calories, but think once I am the point of maintenance (should be 8 months from now) I can use healthy but slightly higher calorie foods more, still sticking to the healthy foods like nut butters, honey, coconut oil, whole grain breads, whereas now, I do stay away from them because I'd rather have more whole wheat pasta that fills me up instead of a tbs of almond butter.

    I think the days of eating the donuts brought into work are over, and standing at my kitchen counter loading up Ritz crackers with cream cheese, or Cracker Barrel cheese and pepperoni or eating mindlessly have got to end if I want to live a long life doing things I love. I try to look at it as if I have an allergy to foods that make me feel sick and lethargic and cause my body to hurt and ache. Nourishing your body with good things are necessary if you want to live a life of doing things you love. That's what I tell myself anyway. Let's see in 8 or 10 months if I've listened to myself.
    1732 days ago
  • BETRHO48
    I, too, struggle with on-again off-again weight management. I am now working on establishing a healthy lifestyle (more middle-of-the-road). It is a never-ending struggle, but I am hoping to win this time.
    1732 days ago
    I too wish I could figure out why it's easy to be on a roll sometimes and other times it seems impossible. Now I think it's a lifestyle which includes seasons. Some seasons are better than others. I just focus on the big picture.
    1732 days ago
    I'm sorry that you feel that way and unfortunately that is what I've been doing as well. I'm trying the middle ground. Moderate exercise and eat whatever I feel like in moderation and tracking it. I'm hopeful that it's gonna work.
    1732 days ago
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