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Tidbit Tuesday

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Five Miles

I’m working on a five-mile run being the new norm, instead of three. Saturday I went for a five-mile run and started petering out approaching the 4 ½ mile mark. I skipped ahead on my playlist to Jennifer Lopez’s “ Let’s Get Loud” and felt the burst of energy I needed to finish.

The song was still playing when I came out of the path area to the street where I parked, across from a local ice arena. Several parents and their kids were coming out after hockey practices and I was doing a happy dance. I didn’t care who saw me or what they thought. That song really moves me and I was riding a runner’s high!

Orange Theory Fitness

It’s been an incredible experience pushing myself past my limits. These workouts have really helped increase my endurance and sense of accomplishment.

I recently told one of the trainers that I loved her as sweat poured off my eyelashes during the free-weight portion of the hour. She looked shocked at me and said nobody ever tells her that. She can be a bit harsh but never in a way that makes me feel degraded. She makes me feel empowered.

Yoga Changes

I love the weekly yoga class at my library. The instructor is a lovely French woman with a delightful personality that I look forward to seeing every week.

Last year I was able to go from a high plank to a low plank and hold for a few seconds. MIND BLOWN! Recently my standing splits improved slightly. I was able to hold my ankle while in the standing split for two seconds. HUGE improvement!

Last night they announced the park district was taking over the class and it was going to be reduced to only twice a month. I almost felt sorry for the library director. The news was NOT well received and she could not give us a clear explanation for the change.

I always told my kids that life is full of changes. I have to take my own advice now.


I am in my final week of an on-line nutrition course purchased with a groupon. This class isn’t going to help me change careers but it has further cemented the knowledge I already have. In the last couple weeks, I automatically think about nutrients the body needs when making food choices.

It’s all about moving forward which is my theme for the New Year instead of making resolutions that I will break.

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