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Day 31 - 40 of "100 Days "

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Day 31 - 40 Listen to Your Body

Day #31 Hunger Scale
I have experienced every number on the hunger scale but I think I live in the 0 neutral number most days.
When I am home all day I eat by the clock because my husband needs meds that require food. I eat when he does.
Just now, while watching the weather channel, there was a food commercial that made me think it is time for breakfast. Amazing what you learn when you pay attention!
I will wait until I'm between 1 to 2 and then head for the kitchen.

0- Neutral, not hungry, not full
1- A little hungry
2- Very hungry
3 - Starved, way to hungry
A healthcare worker once said to me, "It's ok to be hungry sometimes Phyllis"!
I need to wait for hunger instead of the clock.

Day #32 The Five-Hour Rule
If your really hungry, do you need more food than if you are just a little hungry, is not a question I ever thought about until this lesson!
I'm sure when I am starved that I eat more and care less about what it is.

The rule to eat every three to five hours makes sense.
I love being retired but if I'm not busy I realize I tend to eat before I'm really that hungry and even though I eat healthy I do need to pay attention to the hunger scale not the clock (or the TV commercials)!

Day #33 The Fullness Scale
I am almost ashamed to say that it will take time for me to figure out this lesson. Good thing there is a whole section of the book dedicated to knowing when it is time to eat and when it's time to stop!
For the last few years I have only focused on what I eat with not much thought of the timing or how hungry I really am.
Certainly a clue as to why I still have weight to lose.

Day #34 Listen Accurately
Use your stomach not your head! That is a powerful message to decide the number I'm at on the fullness scale.
My immediate problem is finding those abdominal muscles that will let me know when I'm comfortably full. I don't often overeat to the stuffed level but I obviously eat more than my body needs or I wouldn't still be overweight.
I do know that the older I get, the less daily activity I get, which doesn't help the bottom line for sure.
It's figuring out how much fuel I need if I'm not willing to rev the engine!

Day #35 The Eating Pause
This sounds like something I can pay attention to. I will watch for the pause while eating. This morning I realized I was satisfied with half my apple so the rest is wrapped for later.
My mind is thinking it is already logged on my tracker so I can just have it any time I want to!
In the end for me it's all a mind game since I really do know the "rules" of calories in, calories out, equals weight gain or weight loss.
Even though I never thought of myself as such an emotional eater, I am realizing I really am!

Day #36 Slow Down Your Eating
Some of the lessons in the "100 Days" book have surprised me but this one did not. I have always known that I used to eat too fast. I have been working on those "20 minute" meals for quite some time now.
Sometimes I'm successful!

Day #37 I Love to Eat
Yes I do love to eat and it sometimes feels like that is the constant in my life. The planning, cooking, and cleaning up seem to take up a big part of my day.

Knowing that people go through this book more than once gives me hope because I know I will need to. On busy days I don't always have time to do the suggested experiments and they go by so fast that I will have to come back at some point and decide which ones are important to me.

Today I will slow down, think about what and how much I'm eating, and enjoy it along with the expected company! I do love weekend visitors!

Day #38 Food as Power
I definitely get the idea of feeling the power of food. I fell good when I'm strong and stick to my plans no matter how much I want to cave in to the temptation in front of me.
I also sometimes feel powerless at times, mostly when I'm frustrated, and can't seem to go to bed without going back for leftovers that I know are there for the taking!
It's a process of learning a new lifestyle that works for me. Some day there will be a line I will not cross of I want to be healthy!

Day #39 Flavor or Texture
Another day to pay attention to my food and my moods
I know I am anxious because I'm changing and planning for our trip to the hospital next week. My hubby is having a heart valve operation so we will be there all week. Lots of things need to be changed but our great family is making it better.
I need to slow down, take a deep breath and just do my best.

Day #40 Having an Eating Experience
I very much love going to restaurants that have a dish they are famous for.
This week I will be lucky enough to join a group of ladies for lunch and since we haven't been able to get together for a couple of months, I just can't wait. We are going where I've never been so I hope to have both the experience of tasting new dishes and the joy of the company.

My hubby and I have had a lot of wonderful meals over the years on vacations or celebrations and I do treasure those times since he doesn't go much any more.

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    What a great blog! I love that you are letting us be a part of that. It sounds like amazing material for blogging. I think I might eventually go and get that book, too. I love that kind of stuff. It sounds like you are learning very useful things about yourself.
    1840 days ago
    You are doing great ... emoticon
    1841 days ago
    WOW these are really great, thank you.
    1841 days ago
  • MAWMAW101
    These were posted on the "100 Days" team but I wanted them in one place so that I can go back to them because the days go by so fast!
    Sometimes I just need to revisit a lesson!
    1841 days ago
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