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Day #51 - 60

Thursday, March 03, 2016

Today I am actually on lesson 64 of the "100 Days" that I began on January 1. I joined the team and post there but wanted to copy my thoughts on my Sparkpage so that I can have them together because they go by so fast.
Can you believe it is already day 64 of the new year? emoticon

Day 51 - 60 Emotional Eating
Day # 51
What is a emotional Eating?
When I began this "100 Days" book I did not think I was an emotional eater. I was sure that my problem was:
a. My age (science says after menopause it's harder to loose weight).
b. My thyroid (a tumor years ago means I only have half my thyroid).
c. My metabolism has always been slow (I dislike exercise & strength-training.

After facing some important facts I now know:
a. I eat when my husband walks out the door while I'm in mid-sentence!
b. I eat after talking to one of my sisters! (Not all of them thank heavens.)
c. I eat when I'm bored, stressed-out, scared, mad, sad, etc!
None of those times are for "fuel" for my body or I'd eat something healthy and I'd stop eating when I got full!
"When you know better, you do better" by Maya Angelou comes to mind today.

Day # 52 Food is an Instant Fix
Procrastination and a food fix go together for me.
TV and a food fix go together for me.
My non-food fixes:
No daytime TV
Any new project (knitting, painting, sewing,etc) that needs my hands and at least some concentration.
Being aware that I'm procrastinating and just work at least 10 minutes on the job.

Day # 53 Food is My Best Friend
The most important thing I've noticed about my need for food, even when I'm not really hungry, is because I'm one of the world's worst procrastinators. In fact my daughter and granddaughter say they inherited it from me.
So today I will do the most important things on my list! I will not snack first!
This will be the first day of the rest of my life!
The first day of the best of my life!

Day # 54 Eating to Feel Better
There is no doubt that I drink too much coffee. It is a habit I am cutting back on but find it a challenge without turning to food.
The suggested things to do when I want to feel better instead of eating more than I need.
1. Move my body (take a walk or put on a YouTube exercise video)
2. Get some rest (take a nap or just pause and breathe deeply)
3. Distract myself (pick up my knitting or call a friend)

Day # 55 Food is the Consolation Prize
The more times I pay attention to the emotional connections between what I really need and what I do are frustrating to say the least. I now see the connection of how my brain is programmed to do what I've always done while I keep planning and planning to change. For me it has been the idea of slowing down and thinking about why I want to eat.
I would love to just forget about food until I need a meal for fuel, eat that meal and then forget about food until the next meal!
It's not reality yet, but I'm working on it!

Day # 56 Head Hunger
That's it! I do notice that I want crunchy foods at certain times.
My constant procrastination is a prime example of head hunger.
My hyper emotions when people are coming for the weekend.
I have known for weeks that they are coming and I still need to make up the beds and dust the rooms (but I still have one more day)! I really do bring this upon myself.

Now to go about changing from "I used to procrastinate" to "now I get things done in a timely fashion". Seems like it would be a much more peaceful life.

"Eating simply postpones what you really need to do in order to cope with life issues." Linda Spangle
A big AMEN to that!

Day # 57 Head Hunger "Insteads"
A resource list of "insteads" to draw on instead of reaching for food. As I have faced in these lessons, my biggest issue is procrastination so the first thing I will try to do is the thing I've been putting off that brings on the urge to eat.
Then I will:
a. Wait 10 minutes before eating anything
b. Call a friend who likes to talk (usually 30 minutes minimum)
c. Keep a knitting or crocheting project going to work on (it's impossible to eat while doing either)
d. Just go outside (if it's night, check out the stars or the Milky Way!)
I realize these solutions don't fit everyone but I am lucky enough to be retired, live in the country and have lots of extra time!

Day #58 Heart Hunger
Many times I have opened the cabinet doors looking for something not having any idea what I wanted. Now I can begin to think "heart hunger" when this happens. That is a new concept for me and I can already relate it to getting older, losing friends and worry about my husband's health.
The foods I most likely go for are cheesy or potato dishes, popcorn or bread.

Day #59 Heart Hunger "Insteads"
The first thing that came to mind to deal with heart hunger was to go for a drive or take a walk outside.
Being in nature seems to help me see the world outside of myself because it is a beautiful world.
Looking through old photo albums of fun trips,
Reading inspiring stories
Painting or knitting
But sometimes I just need to cry! I have a theory that I can wallow in self-pity for three days maximum but then I need to pull it together and move on.
From past experience I know myself well enough not to waste any more time on things I can't change.

Day #60 Create a Stop Sign
Now that I've discovered my head hunger is usually when I'm angry and I want to leash out about something and my heart hunger is when I want to hide, cry and eat chocolate, it is time to create stop signs!
Head STOP needs to be something active!
Take a brisk walk
Clean a closet, drawer or the entire room!
Jump on the treadmill and crank it up
Listen to lively music
Heart STOP needs to be something nurturing!
Get out in nature, swing on front porch
Prayers or meditation
Take a leisurely walk and listen to the birds
Listen to my favorite Celtic music
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