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Day # 61-70

Thursday, March 10, 2016

It's funny that this morning when I saw we are at the end of another section of the book, I was thinking I almost can't wait to go through the book again.
It feels like the days are passing by so fast that I need to go through it again and slow down to really get the lessons into habits.

From the book "100 Days" by Linda Spangle, which I've posted on the Team page and only copy here because I want all the things I'm learning about myself in one place.

Day 61 - 70 Triggers and Word Play
Day #61 Food Triggers
I was feeling the let down of an empty house after all the weekend activity of having our kids, grandkids and great grandkids around.
This is the list of trigger foods I noticed that made me want to eat even though I wasn't hungry:
the site of snack food bags (left from a weekend party)
McDonalds food commercial on TV
the site of biscuit mix in the cabinet
cleaning up after supper
Hubby asking where is the pie and do we have ice cream? (from same party)!

I gave in to the snack bag of chips (which we rarely have in the house).
I live to far from town to get fast food.
I put leftovers away to save for a lunch meal (but I really wanted them).
I knew adding biscuits to dinner would ruin my plan since I had already added the chips so I passed on them.
I passed on the pie but found myself grabbing cashews I didn't need.
Then I just went to bed early! emoticon

Day #62 Non-food Triggers
My biggest non-food trigger is definitely procrastination. I realize I look for food to give me time before tackling my to-do list.
Because I have been aware of this, I made the phone call first thing.
Then I noticed I was immediately looking for something to eat!
So my mind went "whew" got that done now "reward"!
I didn't give in. emoticon

Day #63 Buffers
Instead of trying so hard to have willpower, simply don't allow certain temptations into your life. It doesn't mean you will never have them, just not have them so convenient. Choose a food or category of food and avoid it by not having it in your house, your car, office or even on your shopping list.

My eliminated food has been French fries which started when I filled out the nutrition tracker and realized I could have two sandwiches instead of one with fries.
Any cake, pie, bread, etc that I bake is impossible to resist so they are usually only done when visitors are coming.

Day # 64 Instant Tools for Triggers
The ideas listed in the book to use in an instant make very good sense. Linda suggests brushing your teeth to stop a craving or binge.
She also says to eat the opposite flavor. To stop the flavor of sweet or salty, try eating a dill pickle or suck on a lemon wedge. For spicy or garlicky taste, try a stick of gum or a strong mint-flavored candy.
From other lessons remember "not just yet" or "eat two bites" may work.

I think for me it will be to determine "head or heart" hunger and using those STOP techniques from that lesson. My instant tools are activity for head hunger and nurturing for heart hunger.

Day #65 Stimulus Narrowing
When you encounter temptation, you eventually decide to eat or not to eat. In most cases it only takes a split second to decide. The faster you say "no" and leave, the more likely you won't give in.
For me the temptation that comes to mind is pizza. It is something we don't have often and is usually a time when everything is rushed or last minute.
The last time I wrapped the leftovers in foil instead of clear wrap and put them away before I ate mine. I also got rid of the box.
It is kind of amusing to remember how glad I was to put those leftovers in the toaster oven the next day for hubby's lunch!
This is not always the case and I still find myself cleaning out the bowl or pan as I clean up. It's an ongoing battle that I really plan to win. Eventually in that split second between eat or not eat I hope to remember "stop" "no" "fuel or filler"!

Day # 66 Don't Even Start!
This lesson is one I know well. We have ice cream in the freezer most of the time. The only way to control it for me is "don't even start"!
Just putting it down here makes me want it.
emoticon Update: I am happy to say that I just washed that empty bucket and did not eat a bite of it!

Day #67 Never Say "I Blew It"
Oh my how many times I have used this excuse!
The picture of backing your car into a pole repeatedly after the first accidental hit is a good analogy.
Why would I do this for a full day because once could easily be incorporated into the day as a treat instead of an entire day of regret!
I should say "that was minor, so I need to keep it that way" instead of "I blew it"!

Day #68 I Had a "Pause"
In this lesson using the picture of "erasing the board" and just moving on after going off plan is smart. It will be easier to move on.
For the last couple of weeks I have not been getting in the exercise that I planned and to treat it as a "pause" instead of anything else paints a whole different picture.
Today I will "erase the board", get off the "pause" and enjoy the first signs of spring with a long walk! emoticon

Day #69 No Cheating Allowed
I have used the words "I cheated" when I was in a weight loss group.
Now I know to go off plan is not "cheating" it is simply a choice to eat a cookie!
It is always nothing more than making a choice.

Day # 70 No Good or Bad
Another lesson that is so simple that, although sometimes will be a challenge to stick to, is a reasonable solution to being healthy.
Make two lists: Fuel or Filler
Fuel-- foods that will make me have the healthy life I want.
Filler--foods that will keep me from ever having the healthy life I want.

Nothing is really "good" or "bad" but some things will always be on the healthy list and some things will always be on the unhealthy list.
emoticon To all the supportive people here! Have a happy healthy day!
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    Oh, how I love it when you post your thoughts in your blogs. I especially love the cheating part. I have learned that everything is a choice, and I no longer let myself feel guilt or embarrassment. It makes it much easier to resist something for me if I ask myself what my choice will be. And it might that I end up with like you said 2 bites instead of the whole thing because I choose to eat it, and I also choose a smarter portion size. Such a great blog, my dear!
    1812 days ago
    Enjoyed reviewing your days, Phyllis. Mine have been much the same and I too will be going through the book again. It doesn't take that much time every day and I learn on every trip through! emoticon
    1812 days ago
    This is my 3rd time to go through the book and post. Practice, practice, practice.
    1812 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1812 days ago
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