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Day 81-90 Long Term Success

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Lessons learned from the book "100 Days of Weight Loss" by Linda Spangle
Day 81 -- 90 Long-Term Success
Day# 81 Unhook the Chains
The behavior chain begins with frustration
which leads to a few comments,
which leads to me going off alone,
which leads to the "heart hunger" that needs nurtured.
Because with these lessons I've learned that it is "heart hunger," I now use nurturing ways to cope instead of food.

Day #82 Last-Straw Eating
The one immediate action that I can take to stop the chain reaction of things building up instead of heading for food is to stop, take a deep breath and then get a drink of water.
This gives me time to get some perspective on what is going on.

Day #83 No More Deprivation
When I first began this journey there were lots of times I felt deprived but I believe it was because other people were pointing out what they were having and I was deciding not to.
Now my tastes have changed, people in my life are used to my choices, and I know I can have anything, just not have it all in one day!

Day #84 The Expectation Square
In thinking about this lesson I realize all the areas that I have expectation squares as I have gotten older, retired and have a whole new focus on life.
My square of housekeeping has widened by downsizing, de-cluttering and changing the focus of what I really care about.
My square of what I believe hubby should do/not do needs to be widened now that he is retired too.
My "magic notebook" has several squares I need to work on. Many relate to other people in my life.
"When you stop trying to change others and work on changing yourself, your world changes for the better." ~~ Unknown'

Day # 85 Let It Go
From the time I was very young I have thought, "It's not fair"! It usually wasn't!
During the busy years of children and work it didn't come up so often.
Now at this time of my life when I sometimes feel overwhelmed by the many changes and expectations of others, I definitely feel it some days.
I like the idea of "learn to set a time limit on your feelings" as suggested by Linda in the book.
Since I can now usually decide what is causing those feelings (thanks to this book) and I have learned to put a limit on my "blue/poor me/heart hunger" days, maybe I can use that theory to put a limit on my "unfair/poor me/head hunger" days.
Now I need to write down those frustration/anger/unfair feelings and use whatever it takes to really "let it go!" The suggestion to do it as many times as it comes up seems smart. Some things keep coming back.
Today I wrote my frustrations down and left them in the trash bin at the park when I took a walk!
“I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy – I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it” Art Williams

Day #86 Minimize the Damage
This is a great lesson for today because it is Easter weekend. With our family there will be those favorite dishes and probably some new ones. I like the idea of being on a "tasting diet" so that I can have a little of the things I like.
One thing I will not do is eat what I don't really like.
Freezing or giving away the leftovers should also minimize the damage!

Day #87 Old Habits
Oh yes, how easy it is to slip back into old habits!
It's Easter weekend, I'm busy so:
I grab cereal instead of taking time to make oatmeal!
I give in to the lady with "free" candy and pick out some chocolate!
I give in and "share" an appetizer with a friend!
I miss two planned walks even though I really did have time for them.

The idea of creating new patterns is great. Today I will pay attention to the things I "always" do and find simple ways to make them different so I am at least aware of them.
Sometimes I just need to be heard or appreciated.
Instead of fighting against a habit that always fights back, ask yourself, “What am I hungry for right now?” then seek to satisfy that hunger directly.--Deepak Chopra

Day #88 I Do Care!
Of course I care!
So why do I sometimes live my life like I really don't.
When I start living a healthy lifestyle EVERY day, there will be no doubt that I care!

Day #89 At My Best
At my best, this is what I'm like:
I'm very outgoing and friendly
I'm happy with my life and helpful to those in it
I'm energetic and healthy
I'm content and peaceful
I begin and end each day with "an attitude of gratitude"!

Day #90 Live "as if"
Today's lesson is to pick something from yesterday's list and live as if it is already true.
I have decided to be happy with my life and to be helpful to everyone I come into contact with especially all my family members.
I will not grumble about all those little irritations that seem to pop up in my day (dishes in the sink, clothes left in the dryer, plans changing, phone not working again! etc).
I once read a book entitled "Happiness is an Inside Job" by John Powell, S.J.
l will live happy today with a smile on my face!

Thanks in advance to all who stop in to this blog. There is a 100 Days Team where you can read other thoughts on these lessons. Mine are posted on the team site and copied here so I can keep them handy for me.
Have a healthy happy day! emoticon
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