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Day# 91-100 Put it Into Action

Friday, April 08, 2016

Day 91 -- 100 Put It Into Action

Day #91 Obesity Is a Condition
This is a concept I have never thought of before but it makes perfect sense to me because I have lost and regained weight many times in my life.
I remember the first time I read a medical record that described me as a "post-menopausal obese patient" but until this lesson I had not thought of it as being a condition that I can learn to control but that I will always have.
To be the healthy person I want to be means I will need to pay attention even on vacation, holidays, sick or frustrating days in order to keep my obesity condition under control.
Much like watching my hubby take a basket full of pills for his heart condition, I will eat a basket of fruit and veggies for my obesity condition.

Day #92 Accept the Solution
Today is focused on finding a personal plan in order to get to my goal and if I'm committed to staying at my goal weight, I will have to adopt the way of life that goes with it.
For me it will be to get to "healthy" on the BMI chart. To accomplish that, I will need to stay on Sparkpeople where I can monitor my nutrition and as well as my weight and exercise over time.
One thing I have learned is that being healthy isn't based on one day but on a lot of days, weeks, months and years put together.

Day #93 20-Year Plan
Seven things I can do for life:
1. Do some form of activity every day
2. Drink water
3. Pay attention to serving sizes
4. Choose good wholesome food, track it on Sparkpeople
5. Turn off the TV more often
6. Do one thing every day to lift my spirits (a smile, a prayer, a nap)!
7. Pay attention to my emotions and nurture them not feed them!
Three favorite foods (smaller amounts less often)
Fresh bread or French bread
Pizza (sometimes make it myself to control fat and calories)
30 minutes minimum of physical activity every day (everything counts)
Procrastination (do the hardest thing first)
Immediate crisis plan:
STOP, figure out what is really causing the urge to eat
Take a deep breath, get a glass of water and then proceed
Jeans getting too tight (re-size myself not get new jeans)
Feeling "blue", hurt, unfair issues (go back to my heart-hunger list)
Feeling mad, angry, pissed off (go back to head-hunger list)
"The cells in your body react to everything Your mind says." - Dr. Bruce Lipton

Day #94 Three Columns of Weight Loss
To finally face that my entire life is lived day after day in one of three columns is a good lesson to learn. The only decision I need to make is whether I want to lose weight, maintain my weight or gain weight and live my life that way.
At the end of each day, if I take an honest look at the decisions I've made and live 90% of the time in the column I want to be in, there should not be a great surprise at the next Doctor visit.
The last visit was wonderful. I'm making progress!

Day #95 Set Your Intentions
Because I've joined a challenge, for the time being my intention is to live in the weight loss column and get exercise mileage for my team.
That will mean using the Spark trackers each day and staying on the low end of my calorie range. It will also mean upping my activity minutes each day (done in 30 minute increments) which I find easier for me.

Day #96 What Will It Take?
What is the goal I want to accomplish? This was a hard decision for me, I'm not sure why. What I really want is to get back to painting which I do enjoy.
WWT: Set up the area for painting/clear off buffet/cover with plastic
WWT: Bring paints and easel down from upstairs/check brushes
WWT: Just do it!

It is important that you recognize a few of the Imagination missteps that will block you from fulfilling your unique desires. Remember that your imagination is yours and yours alone. You have the inborn capacity to use it in any way that you choose. No one else is responsible for your imagination. Anything placed in your imagination and held there ultimately becomes your reality.
---Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Day# 97 Use What Works
In the past I was usually successful at weight loss but not so much at keeping it off. With Sparkpeople I've been successful in keeping weight off for two years but have more to lose.
With this book I've faced some things about my emotions that I didn't realize. It wasn't until about day #70 that I began to realize that some lessons are becoming habits and I can feel the changes both physically and emotionally. I'm sure I will always look back on this book as "what works"!
Also "what works":
Planning menus and tracking
Some form of activity daily
Drinking water
Spending time on new projects (knitting, painting, quilting, de-cluttering, etc)

Day #98 New Year's Resolution
The date is April 7, 2017 and here is what I've accomplished.
I now weigh 159 or less and am in the healthy range on the BMI chart.
My cholesterol numbers are still good and I am still medication free!
I am pleased with how I'm living an active, joyous, adventuresome life. I am happy.
I am exercising by enjoying long walks, yoga, or YouTube videos every day.
I have learned "head hunger" or "heart hunger" ways to stop my emotional eating. For head hunger, it's something physical. For heart hunger, it's something nurturing.
I will make a copy of this to put on my "vision" board which I've continued to update over the years.

Day #99 It's Not in Here
At this time I have a mental sign that says "it's not in here" and if things change I'll make a physical one.
I also have a STOP sign!

Day #100 This is How I Live
The top 10 things I want to remember:
1. Head hunger, do something physical
2. Heart hunger, do something nurturing
3. Fuel is nutritional food eaten every day.
4. Filler is saved for special treats (birthday, anniversary, holiday, vacation!)
5. The two-bite idea (first two bites taste the best)
6. The "wait until later" suggestion
7. Eat reasonable amounts (half-off special)
8. Conscious eating
9. Enjoy and savor food
10. Motivation is a choice
How I decide to live my life is really MY CHOICE!
I can continue to struggle, start over, worry about my future or I can make the choice to be as happy and healthy as possible and live that way every day!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • SHARON10002
    Great info, good luck, and thanks for sharing!
    1772 days ago
    emoticon for sharing this insightful and helpful info.
    1773 days ago
    Love this book! Can't wait until the group is working through it again. Ready to Make Friends with the Scale. It's a tall order, though! LOL emoticon
    1780 days ago
    Wonderful blog, Phyllis! I don't know if I told you before how much I like your Day 100 post! You really recapped some of the most important lessons.

    I chuckled at your story of seeing "obese" in your medical record because I have a similar tale. When I was 23 and just a few months after giving birth, I weighed in at 127 lbs at the doctor's office. He noted "obese female" in my record. I was horrified and ashamed and I think that is when my body dysmorphia started. I've always seen myself as fat since that time regardless of my actual weight.

    Looking forward to doing "Friends with the Scale" with you next week! I have really enjoyed your blogs!
    1782 days ago
    You are soooooo emoticon
    1783 days ago
  • DSJB9999
    Your daily input on the daily threads are fantastic Phyllis and so pleased to hear you are doing Friends with the Scale next week and the 100 days again in June, think I will too as I'm going to miss the 10 days a bit. Still have some work to do on many pages though.

    love and best wishes Donna xxxx

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1783 days ago
  • MAWMAW101
    It is from "100 Days of Weight Loss" by Linda Spangle, there is a team on Sparkpeople.
    You should be able to get to the team. emoticon
    1783 days ago
    What book is this??
    1783 days ago
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